NTU: NTU Men’s Softball Team Marches on, Brave and Proud

Known for its high motivation and persistence, the NTU Men’s Softball Team has made many great achievements in its history. Even though the team took second place instead of being crowned champion at the Intercollegiate Athletic Games in 2020, the team has resolved to stay motivated and work harder to be the best in 2021.

The NTU Men’s Softball Team is known for its high motivation and steely persistence.
Founded in 1992, NTU Men’s Softball Team began by recruiting fast pitch softball enthusiasts from the departments of Civil Engineering, Law, and Economics. The team took second place at the Intercollegiate Athletic Games the same year. The victory kick-started nearly three decades of glorious history by inspiring more players to sign up, and getting a volunteer coach, Juei-Wan Shen, who had played on the national team. Since then, many team members have joined as freshmen and played on the team during their entire time at NTU, including their graduate and even PhD studies, continuing the team’s outstanding tradition as well as offering each other unwavering support.

Most players start playing fast pitch softball at college, honing their skills with the help of the coach as well as the veteran players. Many alumni help out during the team practice, making the team members feel they belong to an extended family. The team was crowned champion after its tenth appearance at the Intercollegiate Athletic Games in 2019. However, most of the players on the winning lineup graduated since then. The 2020 lineup consisted of mostly sophomores and juniors. After several tough battles against powerful opponents, such as the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, NTU faced National Cheng Kung University in the final and ended up as the runner-up.

Most players start playing softball at college, honing their skills with the help of the coach as well as veteran players.

The new players’ experience at the Intercollegiate Athletic Games has made them realize they need to sharpen their skills and get more experience. So, they are resolved to train harder. The coach expects the team to do better next year as every player is striving to surpass himself and make progress. Placing second at the 2020 Games taught the team a valuable lesson, and they will engage in rigorous softball and weight training in hopes of winning every game and being crowned as the champion later this year.