NTU: Scholarship Ceremony: A Moment for Gratitude and Kindness

The Office of Student Affairs hosted the scholarship ceremony for the first semester of the academic year on December 17, 2020. Presided over by NTU President Chung-Ming Kuan and many advisors, a variety of scholarships were presented to the winners during the ceremony. Besides expressing his gratitude to the generosity of the awarding bodies, President Kuan remarked on NTU’s fine tradition of paying it forward, which expands the university’s room for development. President Kuan observed that the honor means more than the prize money for many winners, and he hoped they would show the same support and kindness when they get the chance in the future.

Jing-Yi Shen, a junior at the School of Occupational Therapy and winner of two different scholarships, said in her speech that she used to lament her difficult childhood because of her father’s chronic health condition. She had to go to the hospital often, but that was where she found her calling while working as a volunteer. She aims to offer appropriate care to people in need through the professional training of her major. Her mother also encourages her to exercise the power of gratitude and become someone with the capacity to give. She is thankful for the generosity and kindness of the awarding bodies, which have allowed her to learn and explore to the best of her ability during her university years, as well as encouraging her to face all the hardship and setbacks.

Mattias Daly, a third-year graduate student at the Department of Chinese Literature and the winner of the Financial Assistance Grant for International Students, showed his admiration for the all-embracing culture and high degree of social inclusion in Taiwan. What sets Taiwan apart is that it is the only place in the world where one can learn, conduct research, and debate freely in Chinese. He appreciates that the university grants scholarships to lessen the students’ financial burden without diminishing their sense of responsibility. He will make it his mission to bravely carry on this free academic tradition, while ensuring that great opportunities will be available to future students.

NTU has secured donations from alumni and faculty members to encourage students to maximize their academic potential. These incentives and grants will hopefully help nurture new generations of students who in turn will feed back to society, setting more and more examples of altruism that will make the world a better place.