Nua partners with Hockey Maharashtra to help athletes manage period pain during their games

New Delhi: Ever heard of Dysmenorrhoea? It’s a condition that almost all women endure month after month – in simple words, it is period pain. Many women have painful periods, mostly arising from menstrual cramps, which are a throbbing pain in the lower abdomen. It is a consequence of contracting muscles in the uterus and can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as lower back pain, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. The pain, unfortunately, causes moderate to severe discomfort in women, who have to go through their day-to-day activities in this very state.

While most women withstand Dysmenorrhoea, sometimes by popping painkillers or taking a break to rest, it becomes exceedingly difficult for those involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes, who must go on despite the cramps and uneasiness. Demonstrating a true sense of compassion and empathy, Nua, one of the leading Fem-tech brands, announces its association with Hockey Maharashtra to distribute Cramp Comfort heat patches for women athletes. The objective of the association is to offer care and support to women athletes while they represent the state and the country by easing their discomfort and not letting period pain become an obstacle during their games.

The association has begun with the Hockey Awareness Camp planned by the Hockey Maharashtra organization on the occasion of International Olympics Day. The event will witness an exhibition match between the women’s team (of approximately 100 players) – Maharashtra XI v/s Rest of Maharashtra XI in the presence of Olympians Ajit Lakra, Rahul Singh, and Vikram Pillay, the Chief Guest Padmashri Mrs. Eliza Nelson, Rajesh Patil (IAS, Municipal Commissioner, PCMC), Krishna Prakash (IPS, Spl IG, VIP Security, Associate Vice President Hockey Maharashtra) and the Hockey Maharashtra Office bearers.

Over the past few years, several athletes have openly expressed the challenges they face during the menstrual cycle and one of their primary concerns is period pain. Recently, Zheng Qinwen, an ace Chinese tennis player, also shared her experience with the media about how she felt dismayed as she could not win her French Open Match due to Dysmenorrhoea or Menstrual cramps. The incident garnered attention over social media from people across the globe and resonated with millions of women who have faced similar circumstances.

With the help of experts and community members, Nua has introduced a science-backed solution to help women alleviate the period pain – Cramp Comfort heat patch. Self-heating, long-lasting, easy-to-use, and more importantly – portable, these patches are the most practical solution for women to manage period pain. Inspired by a hot water bag, the Cramp Comfort emits soothing heat for up to 8 hours to give maximum relief from period pain. They relax muscles and ensure smooth passage of period blood. Designed for easy functionality, women can comfortably use these patches wherever they go, while managing their day-to-day chores. They can now rest assured that, at long last, there exists a solution that reduces cramps at its source and ensures a more comfortable and less painful period.

Commenting on the collaboration, Nameeta Saigal, Head Of Marketing, Nua adds, “Women, including athletes, by nature are incredibly good at multitasking. But the hormonal changes and period pain that they experience during their menstrual cycle can heavily impact their work and other day-to-day chores. At Nua, we don’t want them to ‘just deal with it,’ we would like to help them to manage their pain with utmost care and comfort. Through this association with the Hockey Maharashtra Organization, we hope to help women overcome period pain or Dysmenorrhoea, and support them in achieving their goals without the extra baggage of menstrual discomfort.

Adding to the above objective, Manoj V Bhore, General Secretary, Hockey Maharashtra Organization adds, “We are pleased to collaborate with Nua and are extremely happy to support them in this initiative. With our Hockey awareness camp, we pledged to do our best to enlighten our women players about solutions that could help them manage or reduce their discomfort, and never again worry about slowing down during their periods.”

Further on extending the collaboration, team Nua and Hockey Maharashtra will also arrange the distribution of Cramp Comfort patches for the women athletes (approximately 900 players) currently representing the state.