Oakridge International School Students Benefit from World Renowned Partnerships

Hyderabad: Jobs in the digital age, and the skills and capabilities required to do them, are transforming at an unprecedented rate. Understanding the needs of a changing world is Oakridge International School, which brings in unique opportunitiesfor its students by giving them access to the latest thinking from the world’s leading educators.

With an exclusive partnership with UNICEF, Oakridgers are encouraged and enabled to research, develop and debate challenges facing our society; directly impacting the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN. Benefitting from international visits as well as attending international workshops and seminars enables students to experience and understand global scenarios from a different cultural perspective. Students also have the unique opportunity to address issues at the UN’s High-Level Political Forum, resulting in real-world impact based on their learnings.

Through a collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), students also benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to their educational programme. Students are guided through complex combinations of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths), learn digital and transferable skills like collaboration, and enhance the problem solving and communication skills that young people will need in their future careers. Students are inspired to create and build, through hands-on activities and challenges, guided by world renowned tutors and expertise.

Enriching the academic curricula with internationally-recognised programs, students of Oakridge International Schools achieve exceptional grades, develop strong values and ambitions.

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