Occupational English Test (OET) launches a new test venue in Chennai

Chennai: Cambridge Assessment English (Part of the University of Cambridge) and Boxhill Institute, Australia have launched the new authorised Occupational English Test (OET) venue in Chennai for the healthcare professionals of the region. The new test venue is being managed by Ebek Chennai, a leading educational company.

OET (Occupational English Test) is an Australian-developed English language test which assesses language communication skills of healthcare professionals. It provides assessment of all the four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – through test material designed to reflect real healthcare scenarios.

Mr. G. Sreekanthan, MD and Chairman of Ebek Chennai says, “We are committed to providing services and offerings that meet the needs of the communities in Chennai. The OET tests in Chennai are conducted in Apollo College of Nursing. By offering OET at Ebek Chennai, we are enabling health care professionals to demonstrate their English language proficiency for professional registration and employment purposes”.

“OET, which is owned by Cambridge Assessment English and Box Hill Institute, has a unique and proven 30-year pedigree and the test is recognised by healthcare regulators world-wide. The decision to offer the test was an easy one to make,” Mr. G. Sreekanthan concluded.

Ms. Bianca Semrau, Risk & Compliance Manager, OET, handed over the Test Venue Authorization Certificate of “Ebek Chennai as an OET Test Venue” to Mr. G. Sreekanthan, Ebek Chennai. Mr. T.K. Arunachalam, Regional Director (South Asia), Cambridge Assessment English, Mr. Aashish Bhushan, Senior Business Manager (South Asia), OET and Dr. Latha Venkatesan, Principal, Apollo College of Nursing were also in attendance at the launch.

Mr. T.K.Arunachalam emphasised the importance of Cambridge Assessments in the field of healthcare professionals and added that in order to provide best care for patients its essential that the nurses overcome communication barriers.

Dr. Latha Venkatesan spoke about the challenges these nurses face while dealing with patients and their relatives while giving them the best care possible.
During the launch, Apollo College of Nursing and Cambridge Assessment English signed a Memorandum of Understanding, where the Cambridge English qualifications will be offered to the students of Apollo College of Nursing across India.

Apollo College of Nursing has now embarked on becoming a Premium Preparation Provider (PPP) with the support of Ebek. As a result nurses and medical professionals can now be trained for the OET Test at Apollo College of Nursing with the academic support and guidance of Ebek Chennai.