Octo Spaces Masterclass in Artificial Intelligence & Digital Health


Hyderabad: Octo Spaces, Hyderabad is launching a series of intensive certification courses focusing on the Artificial Intelligence & Digital Health. In lieu of the on-going lockdown due to COVID-19 the online courses are being started from 15th April 2020.

For Artificial Intelligence; the partnership is with VersaQuant (USA) which specializes in AI/ML Training in America & Mexico. They Specialize in AI for Equities, Crypto, Commodities and foreign exchange funds Along with healthcare. With expert instructors from VersaQuant the learners will master the basics in no time & be ready for advanced level. The module of the course is conducted to focus on beginners with no past experience.

AI Course Details:

Fundamentals of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

(Week 1: M W F | Week 2: M W F) – 1 Hour with 1-3 Hour of Homework (2 week Program)

This course will focus on mastering the core fundamentals of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence is an area that is exploding and pervading every industry. In finance Wall Street firms are using artificial intelligence to identify trading opportunities and forecast the future. In health care tracking the COVID-19 virus and building new drugs would not be possible without the help of the artificial intelligence models. Aerospace has been using artificial intelligence as part of their core curriculum for over 20 years, but with the new models available and boost in computing power we are seeing more complex modelling becoming available.

“Learners will master the building blocks to help them become conversant and hands on with the most popular tools, models and validation techniques available today. This will allow them to be able to choose the industry area in which they want to apply these very exciting techniques” said Mr. Marshall ,CEO & Principal Quantitative Architect at VersaQuant.

For Digital Health certificate program, we have partnered with Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) is an independent foundation, PHFI adopts a broad, integrative approach to public health, tailoring its endeavours to Indian conditions and bearing relevance to countries facing similar challenges and concerns. The PHFI focuses on broad dimensions of public health that encompass promotive, preventive and therapeutic services, many of which are frequently lost sight of in policy planning as well as in popular understanding. The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, launched PHFI on March 28, 2006 at New Delhi. Foundation was established to strengthen training, research and policy through interdisciplinary and health system connected education and, policy programme relevant research, evidence based & equity promoting policy development, affordable health technologies, people empowering health promotion & advocacy for prioritised health causes in the area of Public Health

“The unique Digital Health program has been developed in collaboration with Octo Spaces incubator to work with health-tech start-ups & support the innovation in healthcare” mentions Dr.Suresh Munuswamy Associate Professor & Head-Health Informatics and Technology Innovations at PHFI

Digital Health Course Details:

Introduction to Health care and Digital Technologies

· Introduction to Health Care System

· Existing and emerging technologies in Health care

· Understanding health care data: source to application.

3hrs per session / week, planned as a 4 week program

“Both these courses were originally planned to be offline courses at Octo Spaces Incubator in Hyderabad but due to lockdown & COVID-19 situation we decided to improvise creatively” mentions CEO of Octo Spaces , Mr.Rahul Reddy he also adds “we will do only fundamentals of these courses online , the advanced programs will be done after the lockdown end at our space”

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