Ofsted accelerates inspections for schools and further education providers

Ofsted has been asked by government to inspect all schools and further education (FE) providers by summer 2025, to give a quicker assessment of how well education is recovering from the pandemic.

Without this acceleration, funded through the government’s Spending Review, it would have taken a further year for all schools and college inspections to be completed.

This will mean parents and learners will get up-to-date assurance about the quality of education that their children or they are receiving. Schools, colleges and other FE providers will receive timely information to inform their improvement plans.

Beginning with last term’s inspections, all schools and FE providers will be inspected at least once by summer 2025.

All college inspections from September 2022 up to September 2025 will be full, graded inspections; these are expected to be enhanced to take account of local skills needs. Schools will continue to receive either graded or ungraded inspections depending on their circumstances, as they do now.

Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector said:

Schools and colleges have worked tirelessly to teach and support children and learners, at a time when their education has been seriously disrupted.

Children only get one chance at school. Everyone working in education must do everything they can to give this generation the best possible chance to fulfil its potential. Ofsted will play its part – by giving parents and learners up to date information, and by helping schools and colleges shape their plans. I’m pleased that we will now be able to reach all schools, colleges and apprenticeship providers by summer 2025.


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