Olympiad in country studies in English among students of PetrSU

Traveling around the world is one of the most common hobbies on the planet. Meeting new people, sightseeing, getting to know the local cuisine are all part of a successful trip. Tourism plays an important role in our life. In 1979, the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO established World Tourism Day, which is celebrated on September 27.
On the Day of Tourism, teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities (O.V. Vikulina, T.M. Tatarina, L.N. Yusupova and O.M.Sherekhova summed up the results of the Olympiad in regional studies in English, in which 140 students of the Institute of Economics took part and Law and the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences.

The Olympiad allowed the participants to remember sights, historical events, famous personalities of English-speaking countries. Events aimed at acquaintance with the culture, history and realities of the countries of the target language help students to touch the culture of its speakers, increase awareness of events taking place on the planet, develop regional geographic competence and, thereby, provide an opportunity to act as virtual tourists, motivating students to travel and knowledge of the world.


Institute of Economics and Law

1st place – Vera Zakharova (47 points)
2nd place – Makar Pavlov, Vasilyeva Ruslana (45 points each)
3rd place – Ksenia Korepova (44 points)
Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences

1st place – Evgeny Popov (54 points)
2nd place – Alexander Malyshev (51 points) and Egor Yurusov (49 points)
3rd place – Alexandra Gubkina (48 points) and Varvara Akimova (47 points)
The organizers of the Olympiad thank its participants and congratulate everyone on Tourism Day!