Olympic Silver Medallist Ravi Dahiya teams up with Smile Foundation’s campaign ‘Shiksha Na Ruke’


New Delhi : Olympic Silver medallist Ravi Dahiya has joined hands with Smile Foundation to promote its campaign ‘Shiksha Na Ruke’. Dahiya will lend his support to promote the educational initiative that aims to empower lives of underprivileged children who are missing out on education due to lack of facilities to attend online classes.


The Olympian will work with Smile Foundation in implementing the blended learning program for children who have no access to internet, laptops and smartphones. Dahiya will also be visiting Smile Foundation’s education centres during this campaign and meeting children where he will also share his experience with children and encourage them to also take up sports, which can then become a career.


Speaking on his association, Dahiya, said, “I am happy to team up with Smile Foundation for such a cause. I hope this campaign will help in increasing awareness about the problems faced by underprivileged children who lack facilities for online education. I also hope to motivate these children to face up to the challenges caused by the pandemic.


“I also would like to encourage children to start playing a sport, which can help them make a name and strong future for themselves. I would urge people to come forward and help in every possible way so that each child can attend the classes and sturdy without much difficulty.”


With more than one year’s gap in education, over 24 million children globally are at the risk of dropping out of school. In India, 5.3 percent of rural children, aged 6-10 years have not enrolled in school this year, compared to 1.8 percent in 2018. Through its ‘Shiksha Na Ruke initiative, Smile Foundation has been making an effort to help less privileged children continue their education through a blended learning approach during the pandemic.


Due to the on-going pandemic situation, classes are being conducted online and despite the effort of the Government, millions of underprivileged students have become victim of this digital divide. The campaign ‘Shiksha Na Ruke’ aims to help millions of underprivileged children who are struggling to continue studying as the schools have turned to online education. Smile Foundation has extended its support to such children who do not have access to smart phones, internet and laptops. The foundation has launched blended learning program so that the needy children can pursue learning with least arrangements.


Smile Foundation provides training and makes teachers aware about the alternate learning medium. In addition to this, the Smile Foundation is counselling parents to ensure children’s participation in various learning programs. The foundation is also trying to provide smartphones and tablets to needy students.