Omega to Consider Sports as a Mainstream Activity for Employee Engagement


Bangalore: Omega Healthcare has thoughtfully divided sports tournaments across all four cities – Chennai, Trichy, Bhimavaram and Bengaluru, taking into account local sports preferences. Then, special sports committees pull out all stops to make each sport a huge event with maximum employee participation. So far, the results have been staggering! Deploying full-fledged marketing campaigns to promote the sport, the team has also brought in rules to increase women’s participation. Consider the cricket tournament; it is mandated that every team has at least two female employees participating in the game. This has helped ensure that sports as a medium of employee engagement are not restricted by gender. Along with outdoor sports, Omega gives equal importance to indoor tournaments too which do not require much physical activity, especially for those who like to take it easy.

Rajeev Gonsalves, Senior Director – Corporate Communications, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd. said, “While the success of any firm’s sports activities has natural co-dependencies from committees, participants, volunteers, hospitality and more, all working in unison, we have observed our own events going nuclear when voluntary engagement evolves into full ownership. Whether it’s football or cricket, the ‘vested interests’ from the people conducting these sports activities – starting from the committee creating the fixtures, marketing the event, or finalizing rewards and trophies for the winners, to players and even spectators – has yielded synergistic response that’s snowballing…frankly, it’s far more effective than we expected.”

At Omega, a sociable work environment encourages employees to imbibe good interpersonal skills and learn teamwork. The friendly competition of sports allows a euphemistic classroom with take-aways of discipline, decision-making, tolerance, cooperation, and setting and attaining goals, all of which are a parallel quantum to what corporates chase in any case.