On medications used to treat coronavirus

At the Department of Pharmacology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, within the framework of the lesson “Antiviral drugs” in the disciplines “Pharmacology” and “Pharmaceutical Consulting and Information” for students of the 3rd, 4th, 5th years of the Medical Institute, an educational online seminar of consultative and educational focus on the topic “Medicines used for the treatment of coronavirus infection” in accordance with the Methodological Recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Russia.
This topic is not reflected in textbooks on pharmacology and in textbooks on pharmaceutical consulting and information, therefore, in modern conditions it requires a more thorough and in-depth study. Also, the seminar develops a culture of correct communication and the search ability of students. The main principles of the seminar are dialogue, discussion and discussion. On the basis of the ninth version of the uniform Interim Methodological Recommendations “Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19”, a presentation on the etiotropic treatment of a new coronavirus infection was formed, which was presented as a report at a webinar.

“Promising” drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 were announced, although the mechanisms of their action have not yet been fully understood, but there is evidence that they prevent the virus from entering the cell and its replication. Lists of drugs for the treatment of adult patients were given. The second part of this online seminar was a discussion during which participants expressed their opinions and asked questions. This interactive form of training allows you to achieve high efficiency of assimilation of acquired knowledge, said the organizers of the seminar.

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