On the occasion of Ruskin Bond’s 86th birthday, Talking Cub releases: HOP ON: MY ADVENTURES ON BOATS, TRAINS AND PLANES

New Delhi: Talking Cub (the children’s imprint of Speaking Tiger) is proud to announce the publication of Hop On: My Adventures on Boats, Trains and Planes by Ruskin Bond. The book will be released in an e-book format on his 86th birthday on 19 May 2020.

In his new book, India’s beloved children’s author narrates some marvellous travel adventures from his childhood. Studded with beautiful illustrations by Samrat Halder, Hop On takes us on a journey with young Ruskin that is as hilarious as it is wonderful.

Announcing the release, Sudeshna Shome Ghosh, Publisher and Editor of Talking Cub, says: “All of us at Speaking Tiger wish Mr Bond a very very happy birthday. We are delighted to be celebrating it by releasing this sweet and charming book. Ruskin Bond is the gentlest, loveliest of writers and we do hope you will join us in wishing him, and celebrate it as well, by reading his new book and exploring all his writings on this day.”

His other titles published by Talking Cub include: When I Was a Boy: Scenes and Stories from My Childhood, Friends in Wild Places: Birds, Beasts and Other Companions and The Book of Crazy Mischief (co-edited with Jerry Pinto).

The e-book will be available on Amazon from 20 May onwards.


‘Last night I dreamt I was an engine driver. I was in a smart blue uniform, and I was driving a toy train up the hills. Toot-toot! I pressed the merry whistle…’

A little boy goes riding on a boat. He has been told many fearful stories of sea monsters and strange sea creatures. But what really happens on the boat? Then he is taken high up, far above the land in a tiny plane. The pilot loves to take his plane up and down, diving and swooping. Is that fun? On a train, the boy goes slowly up a hill, amidst piles of snow, through an amazing winterland. But this is no ordinary train, for it is taking a whole load of schoolboys to their boarding school. Can such a train ride really be exciting?

Find out in this set of stories where a young Ruskin Bond travels by train, plane and boat, and tells us all the marvellous adventures from his childhood days. Charmingly illustrated, written in simple language that will delight younger readers, Hop On is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Ruskin Bond’s stories.


Ruskin Bond is the author of numerous novellas, short-story collections and non-fiction books, many of them classics. Among them are When I Was a Boy, Lone Fox Dancing, The Room on the Roof, A Flight of Pigeons and A Book of Simple Living. He has also co-edited with Jerry Pinto the anthology The Book of Crazy Mischief. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1993, the Padma Shri in 1999 and the Padma Bhushan in 2014.