On the occasion of World Stroke Day, Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta Road Installs Biplane Cath Lab; a First in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Fortis Hospital at Bannerghatta road installed one of the most modern Biplane Cath labs on the occasion of World Stroke day here today. This is the first time that such a state of the art Cath Lab has been installed in Karnataka. This new Cath lab will provide safer and the most advanced care for neurovascular disorders. The Cath Lab was inaugurated by Shri Tejasvi Surya (Honorable Member of Parliament- South Constituency) in the presence of Dr Manish Mattoo-Zonal Director-Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore & Dr Rajkumar DV-Director-Department of Neurosurgery-Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

The high end version of Philips Azurion Biplane 7B 20/15 Cathlab is a one stop destination for treatment of all kinds of Neurovascular disorders. The technology will help in managing Emergency neurointerventional procedures especially Acute stroke & Aneurysmal rupture without performing open surgeries at the hospital.

Shri Tejasvi Surya (Honorable Member of Parliament- South Constituency, said, “I appreciate that despite COVID-19 pandemic, Fortis hospital has decided to make huge investment in the technology to enhance the patient care. South Bangalore area such as JP Nagar, Jayanagar, and Bannerghatta Road has a large number of elderly people and requires immediate medical intervention for emergency conditions like stroke. Fortis Hospital Bangalore, have been crucial in handling critical medical ailments and providing timely medical intervention to the patients, especially during COVID times.”

Dr Manish Mattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, said, “We are the only hospital in Karnataka to have the latest version of Biplane Cath Lab system, this would be our new age facility for treating stroke cases more efficiently. With the advent of technology, we are aiming to replace open surgeries with minimally invasive procedures that would benefit our patients and help them in speedy recovery and Biplane Cath Lab is the cutting edge technology that will help us in achieving the same. We have highly skilled Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Neurointerventional radiologists & technicians and nurses available 24*7 to handle emergency neurointerventional procedures which makes us a one-stop destination for delivering comprehensive care for neurovascular disorders.”

Dr Rajakumar Deshpande, Director, Department of Neurosurgery, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road said, “Stroke being one of the leading causes of death and disability in India requires immediate medical intervention and should be treated within the golden hours to reduce the risk of brain damage. We are excited to have the latest Biplane Cath Lab technology at our unit as it will enable us to see blood vessels of the brain simultaneously in two different planes that helps in visualising the disease clearly and makes the complex neurointerventional procedures safer and effective. This high end machine can do CT scan as well inside the cath lab which will be a very efficient use during an emergency and will also increase the chances of acute treatment for stroke. Emergency neurointerventional cases like acute stroke and Aneurysmal rupture can now be treated with more precision and the patient can go home faster.

Dr Rajpal Singh-Director-Interventional Cardiology-Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, said, “Cardiac emergencies are the one leading causes of death in India. At Fortis, we aim to provide the best emergency care to increase the chances of patient’s survival. With the help of the latest X-ray imaging technology of Biplane Cath Lab, we can now perform a wider range of minimally invasive diagnostic and interventional cardiovascular procedures in a patient-focused environment. There is a lesser door to balloon times along with new possibilities for emergency interventional cardiology such as ischemic heart disease and stroke procedures in less time with best results possible.

Dr Gurucharan Shetty, Interventional Radiologist at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, said,” The installation of the new Philips Azurion BIPLANE cath lab is the most advanced digital subtraction angiography machine in the city and is installed only in a handful of places in the country and state. The machine has a wider field of view, which makes it valuable in complex endovascular, neurointerventional, gastrointestinal and peripheral vascular interventions. The machine has two C-arms capable of simultaneously viewing from two planes which increases the safety and accuracy of many complex neuro and body interventional procedures with better resolution. Moreover, the machine is capable of extremely fast 3D acquisition of angiograms and CT scan inside the cath lab room all of which will allow the performance of complex neuro and body interventional procedures with relative ease”.

Every 20 seconds, one Indian suffers a brain stroke, or three every minute, and the numbers are increasing alarmingly due to changing lifestyles.