On the use of molecular genetic research

The first All-Russian Scientific and Educational Conference “Molecular Genetic Research in Practical Oncology: from Laboratory Solutions to Clinical Practice” was held in a remote format.
The conference was attended by the head of the Department of Biomedical Chemistry, Immunology and Laboratory Diagnostics of PetrSU, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Tatyana Olegovna Volkova.
The question concerning the use of molecular genetic research in practical oncology is important and very difficult. Therefore, this conference is a big step forward towards the discussion of complex aspects related to molecular diagnostics in oncology, the introduction of modern methods and technologies of fundamental molecular genetic research into clinical practice, as well as the inclusion of some types of research in the CHI system and their regulatory legal regulation.

The conference brought together oncologists, pathomorphologists, molecular geneticists, economists and lawyers on one platform, and therefore the conversation turned out to be quite productive. In the very near future, we should expect the emergence of new documents regulating the conduct of molecular genetic studies in the Russian Federation, a list of such studies for clinical practice, as well as recommendations on the use of clinically significant somatic mutations in solid tumors for the purpose of their use in practical oncology.

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