Online film festival for children in lockdown is themed on solidarity and citizenship

An online film festival opens up the world for children and youth, strengthens links with teachers and builds values of citizenship, solidarity and respect.

The festival, Takorama, has a rich catalogue of films for children aged 3+, 6+, 9+, 12+ and 15+. All the films are silent and can be accessed through the multi-lingual website. Teachers can register a class to participate in the festival, enjoy the films and then give opinions and vote for their favourites. Parents can also register and share the films with their children.

The event, which runs until May 24, 2020, is supported by UNODC’s Education for Justice initiative. UNESCO and UNODC, a member of the  Global Education Coalition, are partnered in bridging the gap between education and justice by empowering young people to become engaged citizens.

All the films, which have been curated to focus on youth and information and communication technology (ICTs), address the values of solidarity, respect, empathy and sustainable development. One of the festival’s main objectives is to tighten links between teachers and students to ensure #LearningNeverStops.

As part of UNESCO and UNODC’s joint initiative on helping children and youth to understand how democracy works, become engaged citizens, and promote fair and just societies, the partnership has produced policy guidance and interactive handbooks which can be used in school and non-school settings.