Online Gaming Technology Trends in India

In recent years, India has made great inroads in technology. The fine people of India are using new technologies aa a normal part of their everyday lives. That includes the growth of digital gaming or both kids and adults.

Much like the other advanced nations throughout the world, India has built a robust communication network that allows its people to interact easily and efficiently with other parts of the world. This becomes quite evident when you look at the country in terms of how many people enjoy playing online video games. There are also millions of adults who are the proud owners of online casino accounts operating out of the UK or other parts of Europe.

As far as online gaming entertainment is concerned, there are two trends that are driving hundreds of millions of India residents into the online gaming market.

Trend One – Aggressive Marketing

As the Indian community continues its surge as a world economic leader, the average household income in India is on the rise. That means more residents have access to computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

None of this has been lost on the worldwide online gaming industry. Top gaming companies in China, Japan, and the U.S. are allocating larger parts of their marketing budgets towards the emerging Indian market. Some companies are even going so far as to introduce video games that should appeal directly to the people of India.

One of the biggest catalysts for India’s interest in the online gaming industry is the proliferation of eSports through major cities in India. While eSports has yet to attract the kind of following the community gets from German casinos, China and the U.S., millions and millions of India’s finest online gamers are beginning to compete at the highest levels. This is driving many of the nation’s youth to start honing their gaming skills with the hopes of someday competing against the best in the world.

Trend Two – Improved Mobile Connectivity

Through the innovation of 4G and 5G technologies, more of India’s residents now have quality access to the internet through their mobile devices. That translates to more Indians having mobile devices they can use to play video games.

Where this has had the biggest effect is in the poorer regions of the country. There were regions that had difficulty getting the connectivity they needed to properly access the internet. Without proper connectivity, there was no need to own a mobile device, which also meant that the interest in mobile gaming was kept to a minimum. All of this is rapidly changing across the country.

What kind of impact has improved mobile connectivity had on the online gaming industry in India? Experts state that as much as 85% of all online gaming activities in the country are going through mobile devices. By comparison, that number is somewhere around 70% in China and the U.S.

Clearly, the people of India are looking at becoming leaders in the mobile gaming arena. For now, the masses are playing video games on a regular basis with an eye on becoming technology leaders in the future.

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