Online lecture “About the Antiplagiat system: Clarivate information resources”

An online event was held at the Department of Germanic Philology and Scandinavian Studies, in which teachers of the department and undergraduates of the 1st and 2nd years of study of the direction “Comparative Studies: Dialogue of Cultures in World Literature” took part.
The organizer of the meeting was Associate Professor S.V. Vasilieva, who introduced the audience to a topic that is relevant to everyone involved in scientific research, publishes articles. Svetlana Vladimirovna shared her experience of participation in the webinar of the independent American company Clarivate , which deals with problems of plagiarism and proof of authorship. The key principles of composing correct scientific texts and the basic rules for achieving the greatest degree of originality of a scientific product were highlighted.

The participants were offered recommendations on the use of other people’s and their own materials when writing research papers. Svetlana Vasilyeva also warned the audience about the danger of fraudulent actions regarding intellectual property on the Internet.

After the presentation, the colleagues exchanged their own experience in publishing works, discussing the intricacies of the process of interaction with the editorial staff of scientific publications. At the end of the meeting, novice researchers were reminded of the importance of making independent decisions when checking their own work and the possibility of defending their intellectual activity.

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