Online lecture by Japanese researcher Kumono Tokumaru

The second meeting-conference of students and teachers of PetrSU with the famous Japanese researcher, an expert in the field of digital linguistics K. Tokumaru, who made a report on anthropology on the topic “What is human being?” (“What is a man?”).
During an open mini-lecture, Kumono Tokumaru spoke about his research, the purpose of which is to explain the three-stage evolution of linguistic intelligence based on the hypothesis of the eusocial nature of phonemes and language as the main tool of communication in society. The lecture by a researcher from Japan was held in a pleasant creative atmosphere and was accompanied by lively discussion.

Pavel Stafeev, 2nd year student, Institute of Economics and Law of PetrSU:

Such meetings are a great opportunity to meet new interesting people, as well as to practice your English.

Mohammad Ramadan , foreign student from Jordan, Medical Institute of PetrSU:

“Arigato-Kosaimas” is the Japanese word for “thank you”. I would like to say “arigato” to our amazing Japanese lecturer Mr. Tokumaru for his intriguing lecture on the evolution of languages ​​and the essence of human communication.

Irina Ivanova, employee of the Bryansk State Technical University:

I listened to the lecture with great interest, having learned a lot about nature, the evolutionary development of human intelligence. It is very good that students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers have the opportunity to join new scientific theories, to expand their research horizons.

The scientific event was organized by the joint efforts of the English Debate Club of PetrSU “Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow” (L.N. Yusupova and T.M. languages, Ph.D., S.R. Nedbailik and Chairman of the Student Scientific Society Anton Malyshko).


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