Online Lecture Series on Topics of Research in Education

Aligarh: To augment online teaching and learning during the nationwide lockdown, Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) organised a five-day online lecture series on various topics of research in Education.

In the first lecture attended by 40 research scholars and faculty members, Prof Ahrar Husain (Director, Centre for Distance Education, JMI, New Delhi) talked about the use of various ICT tools in the management of research in Education. He delineated the digital tools being used in research like Mendeley, Deep Dywe, Google Scholar, Colwiz etc. and highlighted the role of the plagiarism checker tools like Grammarly and Turnitin.

Earlier, Prof Nasrin (Coordinator, Online Lecture Series and Chairperson, Department of Education) presented an overview of the lecture series and introduced the speaker.

In another lecture, Prof Husain delineated the visual methods, an emerging research approach used in Social Sciences. “Reflexivity is the most important thing in Visual Research”, remarked Prof Husain, adding that perceptions of the people vary regarding visual images and their interpretation.

In her lecture on Phenomenological Research, Dr Akansha Singh (Department of Education, Allahabad University), said “phenomenological inquiry focuses on the commonality of experiences of individuals within a particular group”. Dr Singh highlighted the various steps of this particular research method and pointed out its merits and demerits.

Delivering her second lecture on ‘Ethnographic Research’, Dr Akansha Singh highlighted the importance of ethnographic studies in the present time, which is used across a wide range of Social Sciences as a research method.

Prof Seema Dhawan (Garhwal University) delivered her lecture on Case Study, an important research method used in Social Science. “Case Studies derive from actual experience and reflect the real world concern”, she said. Prof Dhawan discussed about characteristics, purpose, types and process of Case Study.

Forty students from the Education Departments of both AMU and Garhwal University attended the lecture and actively participated in the online teaching-learning process.

In the end, Prof Nasrin thanked all the experts and participants of the lecture series.