Online lessons for schoolchildren of Karelia

Within the framework of the vocational guidance project “Sports Collective”, teachers of the Department of Physical Education conduct a series of open online lessons for high school students, students of secondary educational institutions in Petrozavodsk and the Republic of Karelia.
Classes are held with the aim of strengthening the health of students, increasing their physical activity during the period of distance learning. Several classes have already taken place, others will be held in the near future.

January 16, senior teachers of the department N.V. Solovieva and L.V. Egorova organized and conducted a lesson “Practices of physical culture for recovery and health promotion” for 1st year students of the Basic Medical College.

On January 20, an open online lesson on the basics of tourism “Knots used in sports tourism” for students of the Sheltozero secondary school was conducted by a senior teacher of KFK E.N. Chingin.

To work out with senior teachers of the department D.S. Evtropkova and A.S. Pupils of Kondopoga secondary school №1 were able to Kariauli. In this lesson, schoolchildren were introduced to new fitness technologies in the areas of “Cardio” and “Tabata”.

On January 25, for students of the University Lyceum, secondary school No. 10, Petrovsk secondary school, an open lesson on the topic “Static training” will be held by the senior teacher of the department S.V. Kornev.

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