Online meeting of PetrSU and Ugra State University

At the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, a round table “Organization of educational, research and project activities of students in the format of network interaction” was held.
The round table was attended by Director of the Institute for Physical Culture and Sports Valentina Mikhailovna Kirilina, Head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education Larisa Mikhailovna Kielevyainen, Chairperson of the PetrSU Sports Club Olga Yuryevna Koroleva and representatives of Yugorsk State University – Natalya Dmitrievna Nenenko, Director of the Higher School of Physical Culture and Sports, and Vice-Rector for Security Roman Viktorovich Kuchin. This event was a continuation of a series of meetings organized by the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU.

During the discussion, the main ways for cooperation were identified: the organization of network interaction, the search for opportunities for the development of modules of educational programs by university students, the organization of joint research activities, as well as the organization and holding of joint sports events and training referee seminars for students. It was decided to get acquainted with the curricula of educational programs and prepare a roadmap for further cooperation.

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