Online Resources Revolutionising Education and Research in India

In 2019, internet usage in India passed the half-billion mark for the first time to reach 627 million. The country boasts the second largest internet market after China. There’s a big impact on the education and research sector in a country that has over 1.3 billion people.

This post explores different techniques and resources that have continued revolutionising the country.

  1. Online Learning Forums

Across the globe, more students have now shifted their homework and assignments online. This segment of the population has a high affinity for technology and they can easily create learning forums. These forums created by students or learning experts are popular in India and have helped many students find homework help and collaborate with assignment helpers.

  1. Learning Apps

As more students in India get access to smartphones and tablets, they will start using learning apps made by Indian developers and experts from across the globe.

Some of the most popular learning apps in the country today include The Meritnation app, BYJU’S – The Learning App, Wikipedia, UnfoldU – Best e-learning app, and The TED mobile app. Others include myCBSEguide– CBSE Papers & NCERT Solutions and the Duolingo mobile app.

With these apps, students can now learn on the go, which helps them complete their assignments faster. They also get access to fun learning activities, live chat assistance from educators, syllabus review options, quizzes, alerts and notifications and many more learning resources.

Learning apps remove the hassle from education and this is one of the reasons more app developers focus on education applications.

  1. Access to Global Online Services

The internet is a one-stop-shop for anything someone would want to find. India is a technology hub, and this has seen big companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon setting up shop to harness the power of numbers.

  1. Web Development Services

The Indian website development industry is one of the most robust in the world. The country boasts some of the best website designers who have clients from major corporates and organisations from across the globe.

This industry has thrived on the backdrop of growth in internet technology. Web designers can now work from home and deliver for clients in all corners of the world.

Learning and entertainment industries have also grown in the backdrop of internet technology. Indian web developers have helped global companies localise their platforms for the Indian market. From video gaming companies to casino platforms such as, young web designers continue attracting global brands into the local market.

Web designing has become one of the most popular careers in the country as more young people train themselves on how to program.

  1. App Development Resources

One of the best things about internet technology in India is the way it has increased access to technology resources. Young people who have an interest in coding, app development, and other tech-based ventures can now compete with the best in the world.

Young app developers such as Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran have developed apps like Catch me Cop, Car Racing, Super Hero Jetpack, Alphabets Board, Prayer Planet, Color Palette, and Emergency Booth. There are many other young app developers in the country only waiting to be discovered. The availability of app making resources is only possible due to internet technology.

Wrapping Up

The internet continues revolutionising many aspects of life in India. From online learning, entertainment, app development to website design, there’s a lot of potential for growth in the country.

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