Online Skill Games like Rummy to Grow Rapidly in the Coming Years

The screens of our smartphones take us to a whole different world. A mall, the cinema, a restaurant, a game table to play cards with your friends at are a few of the places they can take us to. Technological advancements have brought friends and families closer, cut down the distance between people and made gathering virtually possible. These advancements have had a major impact on the gaming industry too.

The gaming industry is the second-largest online industry in India. You do not need gaming consoles or laptops to play your favorite game today as plenty of engrossing games are now available to play on your smartphone or tablet, making them accessible at any time and anywhere. A major factor that contributes to the growth of this industry is the affordability of smartphones and availability of high-speed internet and cheap data plans. These factors, along with many others, make games available to people in every nook and corner of the country.

Given the popularity of card games, many gaming platforms began introducing old games like rummy and solitaire to the online market. Traditionally card games were played mainly at get-togethers and parties and were a bonding activity among friends and family. Now with the introduction of these games in the online space, they can be played with players from across the country anytime, anywhere. The love for playing card games has given rise to a whole new industry across the world.

Skill gaming is the new-found love of people, and games like online rummy now occupy a space in players’ hearts. One of the major reasons for the popularity of this game is that it evokes nostalgia in most Indians. Rummy is not a new game in a country like India. It has been around as a means of entertainment since time immemorial. However, the all-new digital avatar of this game is brand-new and appealing to the audience.

Rummy is played with one or two card decks and jokers, depending on the number of players at the table. The ultimate goal of the game is to arrange cards in required combinations, i.e. sequences and sets, to make a valid declaration. The game requires players to have skills and strategies to win. As it is a skill game, the Supreme Court of India has declared it 100% legal to play rummy for real money.


Major online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy give exciting offers and bonuses to their users every day. You can choose from three variants of Indian rummy, i.e. deals, points and pool rummy, and participate in huge tournaments to win from massive prize pools worth lakhs and crores of rupees. These platforms give you the opportunity to play rummy around the clock with some of the best and most talented players from across the country.

Aside from keeping users engaged, another major priority for online gaming platforms is safety and security. From creating fair gaming platforms to promoting responsible gaming, a lot has been done by online gaming platforms like Junglee Rummy. For a 100% safe and secure gaming environment, Junglee Rummy follows all the safety guidelines laid down by The Online Rummy Federation (TORF). It has also incorporated high security and safety measures to ensure each player has a safe and flawless gaming experience.

Another great feature of such platforms is that they are customized both for beginners and expert players. For instance, any player who is new to rummy can go through detailed tutorials available on Junglee Rummy to get a good understanding of the game. The platform also offers unlimited practice games, which players can join to improve their gaming skills. Once they feel confident about their game, they can start playing cash games and tournaments to win real money and other exciting prizes.

Technology and gaming, as we saw above, go hand in hand. Technological advancements have completely transformed the gaming landscape in our country. The betterment of technology will lead to a further upgradation of gaming. While technology is all set to improve and evolve every day, the coming years are going to be huge for the gaming industry too.