Online talk on ‘Marital Rape’

Aligarh : Mrinal Srivastava, a renowned Supreme Court lawyer, who also practices in the High and District Courts explained how marital rape immunity stands against the right to equality, life with dignity, personhood and personal autonomy.

He was speaking on ‘Marital Rape’ in an online talk programme of the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Mrinal shed light on the legal debates surrounding the issue of criminalizing marital rape in India and spoke on multiple statutes, judgements and ordinances in the Indian constitution dealing with prevention of violence against women in India.

“Criminalizing marital rape will be a step further in the direction of protection of women from intimate partner violence, harassment and abuse”, said Mrinal.

But, he also warned against the misuse of such a law.

“It is necessary to exercise caution in ensuring that the provision of marital rape is not put to wrong use”, he added.

Prof Azra Musavi (Director, Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies) stressed the need to talk about issues like marital rape which is a reality, but is rarely discussed.

“Criminalizing marital rape will not mean that one is labelling all men as criminals or perpetrators of violence but it will certainly ensure that home becomes a safe domain for women”, she said.

Dr ShivanginiTandon (Assistant Professor, Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies) delivered the welcome address.

Sana Fatima extended the vote of thanks.

A question and answers session followed the online talk. Students and faculty members from Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, Department of Law, Department of History and Department of English participated in the programme.

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