Open Call for the Third Avolon Global Studio Award for Indian artists


Dublin: Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company is delighted to announce the opening of applications for the third Avolon Global Studio Award (‘AGSA’) in partnership with the Royal Hibernian Academy (‘RHA’) in Dublin, Ireland.

This year, the AGSA will offer two residencies for Indian artists, both lasting three months each at the prestigious RHA Gallery. The winner of this life-changing opportunity will be given their own studio, an apartment in the heart of Dublin, a monthly stipend and return flights, during the three-month residency.

Avolon is seeking applications from full-time artists residing in India, working in the medium of paint to apply. The AGSA gives artists the time to think, work and create art in an uninhibited and friendly environment. Winners are encouraged to discover Dublin’s art scene and explore Ireland’s beautiful sites during their stay.

The winner will have the opportunity to showcase their final work on the theme of “Humanity” during an open studio evening, at the RHA at the end of the three-month placement. This exciting culmination of the residency will propel the winner onto Ireland’s vibrant arts scene.

The first and second year’s winners of the AGSA’s artist programme came from Mexico and Iran respectively.

Speaking of her time at the RHA, last year’s winner from Iran, Jinoos said: “Something has changed in me forever. The AGSA residency at the RHA gave me the time to work on a number of projects and to develop new skills while exploring Dublin. The AGSA offers artists the opportunity to restart and reinvent themselves.”

For both Avolon and the RHA, the AGSA is a unique platform to engage with the wider world, encouraging discussion and debate while boosting Ireland’s arts and cultural heritage. To learn more about the AGSA and Jinoos’ experience during her residency, click here.

Application closes 30 May, 2018. Please see below for details on how to apply:

Key dates:

Online applications will be accepted from 23 April through 30 May, 2018.
To apply visit:
Winners to be selected in June 2018.
Residency 1: 4 October, 2018 – 7 January, 2019
Residency 2: 9 January – 1 April, 2019

For enquiries please email: [email protected]


1. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application. Specific exceptions may be made for nationals of countries where the age of majority is lower than 21. There is no upper age limit.

2. Candidates must have basic knowledge of English to enable them to communicate effectively in everyday situations in Dublin.

3. Candidates should ensure they can obtain a visa from the Republic of Ireland.

4. Applications must be made in person. Galleries, curators and organizations are not eligible and third parties cannot apply on behalf of an artist. The Avolon Global Studio will not consider any requests from third parties concerning the application process.

5. Only online applications made using the application forms on the RHA’s website will be considered. No exceptions will be made. The application forms must be completed in English.

6. The selection committee needs four to eight weeks to review the artist applications. The decision made by the Avolon Global Studio selection panel regarding each application is final. No feedback will be provided in the case of a negative response to a candidate’s application.

7. Artists who are invited in the Avolon Global Studio Residency must meet and agree to comply with the conditions stated in the “Agreement” document facilitated after selection of the award.

8. Accept the travel conditions laid down by Avolon Global Studio for the flight tickets paid (travel arrangements made).

9. Have the necessary revenue for six months day-to-day living in Dublin for all costs other than the accommodation and monthly stipend covered by Avolon Global Studio.

10. Be insured against civil liability and have personal health and accident insurance for the entire residency period. In case of illness or injury, medical expenses will not be covered by Avolon Global Studio.

11. Be ready to open their studio to public visits on a regular basis during their stay at the Avolon Global Studio at times agreed with RHA staff. Although artists will be free to manage their stay according to their own plans, they will be expected to occupy the studio awarded and to make use of the studio on a regular basis. They are requested to inform RHA staff in advance of any prolonged absence.

12. Artists will also be free to practice their art outside the Avolon Global Studio and to pursue parallel artistic activities in their own interest, for the entire duration of their stay.

13. The artist in residence must be willing to keep the RHA staff updated on the development of their artistic project, to communicate about their work and to show it upon request.

14. Be aware that only the artist is considered to be the resident. If visited by a spouse or partner or any other person, note that the related costs will not be covered by Avolon Global Studio and that the RHA will not be responsible for obtaining the necessary visas or other documents for these visitors. If a resident artist wishes to accommodate a visitor temporarily, the RHA should be informed beforehand.

15. Be aware that the residency stay agreed on the beginning of the residency cannot be extended. Should an artist interrupt her / his stay before the foreseen term, the stay will be considered as finished. This will also apply in case of illness.

16. Be aware that Avolon Global Studio retains the possibility of terminating any stay at any time without having to explain its decision.