Open interregional competition “Man in the Humanitarian Space”

Registration of participants in the “Man in the Humanitarian Space” competition has begun.
The competition itself consists of three nominations and is held for high school students interested in pedagogy and psychology, history and philosophy.

The purpose of the competition is to form positive social attitudes and interests among the young generation, to identify potential applicants to PetrSU with a high level of educational competencies and readiness for social and personal self-determination.

Registration for the Psychological and Pedagogical Olympiad , one of the nominations of the competition, has begun .

The Olympiad is held by the Department of Pedagogy and Childhood Psychology of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology with the support of the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance.

The Olympiad in Psychology and Pedagogy is aimed at popularizing knowledge in the field of general, child, special psychology, general, special and preschool pedagogy, developing students’ interest in further training in the field of pedagogy and psychology, developing logical thinking, comprehensive development of interests and abilities of students, providing help them in choosing an individual educational trajectory, in professional self-determination.

The content of the Olympiad is represented by 5 tasks-situations, as well as questions of a problematic nature. The student needs to carefully analyze the conditions of the assignment and give a detailed, grounded, logically constructed answer.

The Olympiad is held remotely.

Students of grades 10-11 are invited to participate in the psychological and pedagogical Olympiad.

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until February 13, 2021.

The competition itself will be held on February 14, 2021, all registered participants will receive their email addresses for the Olympiad tasks, requirements for writing and formatting the work.

More details on the Olympiad page .

The event is held within the framework of vocational guidance work and the Development Program of the flagship university with the support of the Office of pre-university and vocational guidance work.

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