Open lecture by a researcher from Japan

The fourth online conference of PetrSU students and teachers was held with the famous Japanese researcher, an expert in the field of digital linguistics Kumono Tokumaru, who made a presentation on Forward error correction of linguistic information.
During the mini-lecture, Kumono Tokumaru spoke about the existing methods for correcting errors in scientific research works, as well as about the main problems associated with establishing their authorship. The lecture by the Japanese researcher was held in a pleasant creative atmosphere and was accompanied by lively discussion.

Feedback from participants:

Maria Staton, Lecturer at the University of Maryland, USA:

The lecture of the Japanese researcher K. Tokumaru was quite interesting and illustrative. I broadened my horizons and received a lot of new and useful information that will undoubtedly come in handy in my professional life. Such meetings are a great opportunity to get acquainted with new interesting researchers, their concepts and achievements.

Elena Troshina, employee of BSTU:

I listened to the lecture with great interest. It is very good that students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers have the opportunity to join new scientific theories, to expand their research horizons.

The scientific event was organized by the joint efforts of the English Debate Club of PetrSU Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow (L.N. Yusupova and T.M. Tatarina, Department of Foreign Languages ​​in the Humanities of PetrSU) and the Student Scientific Society of PetrSU.

For reference:

K. Tokumaru was born in 1959 in Oita, Japan. Studied political science at the University of Tokyo, graduating in 1983. He worked as an industrial engineer for Earth observation satellite systems and satellite communications. Participated in the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (WSSD, World Summit on Sustainable Development) in 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is engaged in interdisciplinary research, development in the field of digital linguistics, the study of the features of the mechanisms of the human brain, the evolution of linguistic intelligence.

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