Opportunities in Adversity Deliberated during Virtual CEO-Meet at Amity University

New Delhi: An industry-led virtual CEO-Meet on “Reimagining & transforming the era beyond COVID-19 with Innovations, Ideas and Technology” was organized by Amity University. The meet is in continuation of various interactive sessions with leading corporate leaders and senior professionals being held for the benefit of students to gain confidence, constantly learn and imbibe important skills & strengths.

Prof. Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities welcomed the industry captains to the virtual meet. He suggested students to understand the challenges of the times and shared the uncertainties being faced by them about their future. He asked the industry experts to share the future fields of interest that students should look to explore and how the year 2021 would look like in terms of job & entrepreneurial opportunities.

Ms. Mina Sekiguchi, Regional Head of Energy & Natural Resources. Co-Leader for Asia Pacific, KPMG AZSA LLC Japan talked about the rapidly changing world and shared how students in Japan also were having a hard time fighting the pandemic. She stated that students are the future and encouraged them to endure & not give up hope. She averred that Covid-19 has been a game-changer, bringing a paradigm shift across the globe along with some good opportunities. She asked students to bring their expertise and knowledge to use for promoting cleaner fuels. Ms. Sekiguchi also emphasized the use of green technology using energy infrastructure & modern technology in reducing pollution.

Mr. Chandan Ohri, Managing Director, Duco Consultancy, Auckland New Zealand talked of how 2020 will be looked back with a mix of emotions & be inspired by acts and people that kept the world moving on. He shared how leaders of organizations have done tremendous work to align opportunities with uncertainties. He further stated that being comfortable with uncertainty is the hallmark of a great entrepreneur that brings a lot of opportunities with it as well. He suggested students to identify opportunities and understand the business model in this new era.

Mr. Angelo George, CEO of Bisleri International talked about how covid has impacted the consumer goods industry in the country, changes in the landscape, and the measures taken to tide this period. He averred that while the initial impact was negative, numerous industries have managed to evolve ways to come out of the woods. He further added that the world has changed pre and post covid with several new habits there to stay. Mr. George said that 3 fundamental things are impacting consumers: Social Distancing, Health & Hygiene, and Income Uncertainty. Reversal of past trends was commonly observed like there is now more consumer trust for branded products; targeted shopping by consumers; embracing of digital technology, e-commerce; a lot of adaptation of doing it yourself, etc. He said that this period is of great learning for everyone.

Mr. Pradeep Tewari – CEO Europe & Americas – UNO Minda averred that covid is a once in 100 years problem and an opportunity as well. He added that along with the fittest, quickest & most flexible will survive. Mr. Tewari said that privacy technologies like cameras, face recognition software, location identification apps are getting more important. He said that sustainability & conservation of resources will be of more importance. The individual will have to become more responsible and responsive.

In the second session of the industry-led virtual CEO-Meet, views were shared on the future opportunities and how the year 2021 would look like for students in terms of job opportunities.

Beginning the talk, Mr. Arun Bansal – President – Ericsson Europe & Latin America shared that recovery from Covid-19 is an opportunity to build a better future and how 5G connectivity will play a critical role in creating a sustainable environment. He shared how after healthcare the second most integral element would be digital connectivity in the post-covid-world and how the pandemic has been the greatest accelerator for digitization. He added that India will come out of the pandemic in a significant manner owing to its demographic dividend that is digitally active. He advised students not to lose heart, focus on multiskilling, and identify the opportunities that are likely to move from traditional segments to the ones powered by AI & machine learning.

Mr. Sumed Marwaha, MD, Unisys shared that covid had an unprecedented impact, making most of the organizations to adopt the Work from Home (WFM) model. He shared the various changes and adjustments that were made to enable WFM & how even the government stepped in to make this transition easier and effective. He stated how his IT company learned how to sell virtually and how experts are predicting a third wave of IT acceleration in 2021. Mr. Marwaha advised students to be flexible, agile & focus on learning more than one skill.

Mr. Roop Singh, Chief Business Officer Birlasoft stated that it’s an interesting transition that’s being witnessed and how great opportunities are coming up in this adversity. He shared that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digitization, unlearn the way work was being done, and relearn. He asked students to be passionate about what they wish to do and adopt an interdisciplinary approach.

Mr. Aqeel Ahmed, COO, Rategain asked students to feel happy in the present times. He stated that the IT industry is at the cusp of an explosion owing to several strong technology undercurrents paving the way to various opportunities. He suggested students to align themselves with the changing landscapes and how borders are no longer applicable to broaden horizons. He averred that the students will be able to rise faster in the coming times & how the start-up funding has been on the rise.

The sessions were well-attended by students, faculty members from across the globe with the industry captains responding to the various queries posed to them.


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