OrangeSlates’ LearnFest 2.0 Witnessed Over 38,000 Participants

New Delhi: OrangeSlates, the fastest-growing teacher skilling platform hosted the second edition of their LearnFest 2022 – the largest learning festival for educators. The two-day event saw over 38,000 educators participate to enhance their skills and knowledge towards taking NEP 2020 into classrooms.

This edition’s theme ‘Taking NEP 2020 into Classrooms’ was aimed at translating the various learning pedagogies and teaching strategies recommended in the policy into applicable practices for each teacher. Critical to the current ecosystem, educators need to be in line with the changing education formats. From physical spaces to online rooms and back to hybrid classrooms – educators & learners alike have experienced the changing modalities, evolved pedagogies, and innovative practices.

With a systemic shift in education being proposed by the National Education Policy 2020, there are some brilliant strategies and methodologies being proposed at a school & classroom level. These need to be turned into application oriented & measurable activities for educators to encourage change and adoption.

Dr. Snehal Pinto, Director, Ryan International Group of Schools, said “LearnFest is a celebration of the spirit of lifelong learning and we were elated to be a part of such an extensive learning festival for educators”.

“I am extremely honored to be here at LearnFest, I get a lot of requests to do the talks and do presentations but LearnFest does an amazing job and I appreciate them inviting me today and I am humbled to be here”. Gavin McCormack, Founder, Upschool commented post conducting his session at the LearnFest’s second edition.

Dr. Ameeta Mulla Wattal, Chairperson & ED of Education, DLF Foundation Schools shares her opinion, “The kind of work OrangeSlates is doing in training and the way they are mentoring and supporting is I think the hour of the day and I think all teachers need to be connected with an organization like OrangeSlates.”


Pradeep Pillai, CEO & Co-Founder, OrangeSlates, said, “The educators are at the forefront of rapidly changing education methods. Teachers must understand and discern the mode of delivery that leads to the best learning outcomes. The last two years were about adopting online teaching methods. Now, with hybrid modules coming into the picture, teachers have to fast adapt to derive the best of these teaching formats. OrangeSlates always wants to bridge the gap, and aid teachers with the most powerful methods to keep up their growth trajectory.”