Orchids – The International School Organises Ramanujan Math Olympiad

New Delhi: Orchids – The International School celebrated the birth anniversary of the celebrated mathematician Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan on Saturday, 11th December by hosting the first edition of the Ramanujan Math Olympiad. The event received an overwhelming response from the students of Orchids and was concluded on a successful note. The virtual contest witnessed participation from 48+ branches of Orchids spread across cities: Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon, marking a total of 14109 number of student participation.


The Olympiad was conducted across the grades of Orchids’, right from K1 to Grade 11. With a view of presenting a fair participation opportunity to its students, the participants were allocated specific time slots as per the grades. The students actively appeared for the Olympiad with great vigor and enthusiasm.


Sharing insights about the Ramanujan Math Olympiad, Dr. Kavita Nagpal, Principal, Orchids – The International School, Masjid Bunder, Mumbai and External Examinations In charge said, “Remembering and celebrating the life and work of Srinivasa Ramanujan, we aligned our efforts to present a fair dais and raise the Math Minds from Orchids. The motive behind seeding the Ramanujan Math Olympiad was to create a platform for the young and vibrant geniuses to unleash their potential in the stream of Math and prepare them for national-level competitions. The number of students participating exceeded our expectations. and we would definitely like to make it an annual affair and eventually invite other schools to make it more interesting in the future.”


Orchids – The International School has always been at the forefront for making carving fair opportunities for the scholastic stalwarts and motivating them to pursue their passion and enabling the young minds to drive their dreams with confidence and determination.