Osaka University: Relieving Stress: Some tips for international students

The Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) and the Health and Counseling Center (HaCC) co-hosted this event, which was held on both the Toyonaka (3/30) and Suita (3/19) Campuses. The aim of this event was to provide some hints for relieving stress for international students who seemed as though they were living stressful lives due to COVID-19, among other reasons, and to create opportunities for them to interact and exchange opinions among themselves.

10 students participated in the Toyonaka session (4 onsite, 6 online), while 7 students participated in the Suita session (5 onsite, 2 online).

The event began with opening remarks from CIEE Director Arikawa, followed by a lecture from Professor Mizuta (Deputy Director, HaCC), who gave hints and tips on relieving stress for international students. In the second half of the event, participating students actively shared their ideas in stress relief group sessions with faculty members of CIEE.

“I tend to live an irregular life, but I will try to lead a more regular lifestyle based on the advice I received from Professor Mizuta,” said one student during the group discussion. These sessions provided them with a good opportunity to get some hints regarding stress relief.

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