Oswaal Books introduced new books and study materials for Board Exams to make learning simple

New Delhi: Oswaal Books, India’s leading educational publisher that publishes help books and study materials for CBSE, CISCE, Karnataka Board and Kerala Board students. Oswaal Books publishes more than 600 titles in English and Hindi.The publishing house commenced operations in 1985 and has been the most preferred educational publisher for the last 34+ years as generations have grown up relying on them to excel in exams.

Oswaal Books’ motto is ‘Learning made Simple’ so as to transform learning for confused and tensed students into an extremely enjoyable experience. To achieve this subject matter experts , dynamic educationists, professionals with a profound interest in education and topper students collaborate closely to clear the basic fundamentals of education to all students . An endless list of illustrations, flowcharts, diagrams, solved solutions, last year’s question papers, etc are used to achieve this. By simplifying seemingly complex subjects and chapters, the help books and study materials equip them with the extra knowledge and confidence to score better in examinations.

Oswaal Books’ team of experts ensure that the content in books is always in accordance with the latest syllabus, guidelines, and designs as prescribed by the relevant Board. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing publishing houses in India and is sold in more than 16,000 bookshops in more than 500 districts in India and in 7 countries abroad.

Keeping up with the latest trend of digitization in education, Oswaal Books has incorporated several e-learning tools into its books. With exam season just around the corner, students will actively be seeking guide books, help books and study materials to enhance their exam preparation.