OUP India’s CSR commitments are driven by its organizational mission

New Delhi: OUP India’s CSR commitments are driven by its organizational mission: to support the University of Oxford’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education. At OUP we attempt to make a difference to people’s lives by promoting literacy, learning, and great teaching.

OUP India currently partner with four education charities: Literacy India and Ritinjali in Delhi NCR, Chudar Foundation in Chennai and Hope Foundation in Kolkata. We support these charities by providing them with books, education infrastructure, learning materials and also by organizing teacher training workshops at regular intervals. Our CSR projects directly support learning requirements of over 700 children y-o-y. OUP India also support vocational learning initiatives especially for young adults and women to make them employable.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, OUP helped Hope Kolkata Foundation to set up a computer lab to enable digital education for over 50 girl child staying in a charity shelter home. The computer center is also used by children residing in other Hope Foundation homes in Kolkata. In addition to proficiency in computers the girl students also undergo English language and personality development classes towards becoming confident and well-groomed future professionals.

OUP India also supported Science Laboratory at Literacy India’s Bajghera center and also sponsored new equipment for the mobile repair unit that skills young adults towards making them employable. In the past 3 years OUP has also donated over 3.5 lac books to further the educating requirements of children enrolled in these charities.

OUPI at regular intervals has conducted teacher training workshops for teachers engaged in teaching children from underprivileged backgrounds. These workshops are led by our expert teacher trainers on topics like – topics like personality development, innovative teaching methodology, and ways to make classrooms more engaging. Until now OUP has trained approx. 200 teachers through 4 teacher training workshops conducted in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

OUP employees too devote their time to charity work through on site engagement with children at these charities. Recently on 5th September, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day OUP employees from Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata offices decided to become teachers’ at charity run schools so that the regular teachers are able to join a fun and engaging training workshop organized by OUP. As a part of this event, OUP employees conducted classes for various subjects, and also engaging sessions on themes such as Photography, Dance, Drama and Music.

Earlier this year on the occasion of World Art Day on 5th April, a team of OUP employees created wall arts and painted the Ritinjali School located in the slum at the Nathupur Pahari area. These wall arts were based on important social issues like environment conservation, girl child literacy and importance of hygiene among others. Also colleagues based out of Oxford, UK too participated in our CSR initiatives and sent hand woven woolen caps, gloves and socks to children studying in our partner charities.