Our Constitution is the basis of providing justice to every community : Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel addressed people of the state at the ninth episode of his radio programme Lokvaani today. In this episode, Chief Minister spoke about the importance of August Revolution Day and International Day of World’s indigenous people. Mr. Baghel extended the greetings of International Day of World’s Indigenous People. Mr. Baghel said that Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi had announced Quit India Movement on the same day in year 1942 and had given ‘Do or Die’ slogan. This event had proven to be a turning point of Freedom

‘Nyay Yojanaye, Nayi Dishaye’
Talking about the extensive concept of ‘Nyay Yojanaye, Nayi Dishaye’ and State Government’s vision to implement Nyay Yojana for all the sections of society including tribal people, farmers, labouers and people in need, Chief Minister said that every chapter of freedom movement was fight for justice. Freedom of India was not only the commencement of the era of justice for Indians but was also the beginning of establishing democracy in many nations of the world. World knows how our constitutions has become the basis of ensuring justice for every community of the society.
Mr. Baghel said that while various parts of the nation and the world is strugglings with recession during corona crisis, the idea of ‘justice’ has become the foundation of life for people in crisis. Under Nyay Yojana, people are being provided financial aid and not as loans, so as to genuinely support them in this difficult time. After brainstorming with renowned economists across the country and abroad, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has conceptualized the ‘Nyay Yojana’ and announced its implementation. I am glad to say that we have begun the multi-dimensional implementation of this Nyay Yojana.

Fulfilled the promise of paying Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers

Chief Minister said that as soon as the government was formed on December 17, 2018, we began to fulfill our promises right from the day one. We started the process of payment to farmers against paddy procurement at the rate of Rs 2500 per quintal, with immediate effect. Agriculture loans worth nearly Rs 8 thousand 755 crore, which was pending for years, have been waived off, benefitting nearly 17 lakh 82 thousand farmers. We waived off irrigation tax worth Rs 244 crore. In Lohandiguda, 4200 acres of land of more than 1700 tribal farmers has been returned. We increased the tendu patta collection remuneration from Rs 2500 per standard bag to Rs 4000 per standard bag.

Comprehensive form of Justice fo Forest Dwellers: Decision to procure 31 forest produces at support price and to review the cancelled forest land lease taken
Chief Minister said that to provide relief to the forest dwellers during corona crisis, the number of forest produce procured at support price has been increased from 7 to 31. As per our estimate, forest dependent families and tribal people will receive nearly Rs 2500 crore per year in future. He said that Forest Righst Act 2006 was a milestone for scheduled trive and other traditional forest dwellers. But the negligence shown to this Act in Chhattisgarh in past 12 years is no secret. We deeply understood the need for ‘Nyay’ and decided to reconsider the claims for forest land lease cancelled by the previous government. In this way, a large number of individual and community forest land lease are being distributed.

Decision to release innocent tribal people in jail to ensure social justice
Mr. Baghel said that to ensure social justice, we have decided to release the imprisoned innocent tribal people. We have also decided to bring justice to the families of martyrs and we are fighting decisive battle for it. In this way we have worked in the direction of protecting every section of society from exploitation and injustice.

’Rajiv Gandhi Kisaan Nyay Yojana launched to save farmers from injustice
Chief Minister said in his address to the radio programme that we gave Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers against paddy procurement in the first year, but in the second year, a major challenge appeared. We did record procurement of nearly 83 metric tons of paddy, but Central Government stopped the process of payment at the rate of Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers. In addition, Central Government directed that if the state procures at the rate more than the support price dcided by Centre, then the procurement from state for central pool will be stopped. In this way, once again our farmers would have been subjected to injustice. But to solve this problem, we announced Rajiv Gandhi Kisaan Nyay Yojana. Our intention is to financially support the farmers but not to burden then with loan. Hence, considering the overall circumstances, ‘Rajiv Gandhi Kisaan Nyay Yojana’ has been started with the major goal of providing better value of corn and sugarcane to farmers.

Rajiv Gandhi Kisaan Nyay Yojana part of our legacy to ensure justice
Mr. Baghel said that Rajiv Gandhi used to say that empowerment of farmers is the empowerment of country’s independence. Independence, Self-reliance and Justice are inter-connected. Indeed it is a major scheme, under which nearly 21 lakh farmers engaged in corn, paddy and sugarcane production will be provided Rs 5700 crore in their accounts through DBT. We have decided to provide this amount in four installments, out of which the first installment has already been transferred into the bank accounts of farmers on May 21. Next installment will be given on August 20 on the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi. We have also announced ‘Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana’ for providing source of income even to the rural families with no farmlands of their own.

Godhan Nyay Yojana- a source of livelihood and prosperity for villagers
About Godhan Nyay Yojana, Chief Minister said that we have decided to implement Godhan Nyay Yojana as a source of livelihood and prosperity for people in rural areas. We are developing gauthans in every village of Chhattisgarh, which are playing important role in commencement of Godhan Nyaya Yojana. Under this scheme, government is procuring cowdung at Rs 2/kg. Gauthans are being equipped with procurement facilities and large-scale training facility for turning dung into vermi-compost. Vermi compost will be sold through cooperatives societies and LAMPUS to farmers at the rate Rs 8/kg. Tilld date 5300 gauthans construction works have been sanctioned, out of which construction of 2800 gauthans has been completed. This scheme will help in preventing open grazing, promoting animal husbandry and use of organic fertilizer, enhancing fertility of land and nutrition in crops, and promoting cleanliness etc. Initiatives such as malnutrition eradication, distribution of free food grains for 8months during corona crisis, arranging safe return of migrant labouers and employment opportunities for them have been significant steps towards ensuring justice.
Chief Minister has said that during the period of lockdown, unemployment has increased fiercely in the country and across the world. While the economy has collapsed due to the lockdown, Chhattisgarh has still recorded increase in collection of GST by 22%, increase in number of land registry by 17 percent,(compared to 2019), and increase in vehicle purchases by 20 to 30 percent. According to Reserve Bank of India’s report, agriculture and allied operations in Chhattisgarh continued to grow during the period of lockdown in Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh has been ahead in every front, be it minor forest produce procurement or providing employment under MNREGA, or payment of remuneration for collection of minor forest produce or paying wages to laborers working in MNREGA. He said that our public welfare and public justice schemes have many dimensions. Various initiatives including Malnutrition control, malaria control, healthcare facility in the Haat Bazaar, the provision of free food grains distribution for about 8 months of corona crisis, safe return of migrant laborers and providing employment to them, etc., have ensured justice in various aspects. This proves that the welfare of farmers and development of villages is beneficial for all.

COVID-19 crisis has not ended yet, precautions are necessary for prevention
Chief Minister appealed to the listeners that as COVID-19 crisis has not ended yet, it is necessary to be careful and cautious for prevention of this pandemic. Situation in Chhattisgarh is much better than other states in terms of COVID-19 containment. But it is important that people follow all the precautions including wearing face mask, face cover, face shield etc, practice physical distancing, avoid crowding, wash hands frequently and avoid going out unnecessarily.

Bapu gave Freedom movement a decisive turn by announcing ‘Quit India Movement’ on August Revolution Day
Chief Minister said that August Revolution Day is an important event of August Revolution Day. When British government did not free the country even after Indians supported British in World War-II, Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi not announced ‘Quit India Movement’ but also gave the slogan of ‘Do or Die’ on August 9, 1942. Recalling the sacrifices of freedom fighters, the Chief Minister said that every phase of our freedom fight was a battle of justice. This paved the way for India’s independence and the establishment of democracy and justice of the people in many countries of the world.
Pt Jawaharlal Nehru had envisioned a society with justice for each and every one
Mr. Baghel, referring to the historic speech given by the first Prime Minister of independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at the midnight of 14 August and the first hour of 15 August 1947, said – “This is a proud and fortunate moment for us, a new star has risen, the star of freedom in the east. Never let the ray of new hope fade away. May we always rejoice in the freedom. The future is calling us. Where should we go and what should be our efforts, so that we can bring freedom and opportunity for the common man, farmers and workers. May we fight poverty, ignorance and diseases. We can build a prosperous, democratic and progressive country and we can establish the social, economic and political institutions that can ensure the fullness and justice of life for every man and woman.
Chief Minister further said in the context that when we talk about justice, entire backgoround comes to our mind, the sacrifices of our forefathers, who laid the foundation of justice for us. This week we are going to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the Independence Day. And these 73 years are the proofs of the steps taken for ensuring social justice in the society. On August 9, we remember the pledges for development of tribal community. UN had declared August 9, 1982 to be the ‘International Day for World’s Indigenous People’ and had set the new goals for dignity and development of tribal people across the world. This day is an opportunity to review the progress towards achievement of the goals for tribal welfare. In this way, August 9 i.e. The International Day for World’s Indigenous People connects us to the various aspects of Justice. I extend greetings of this day to people of the state especially tribal community.

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