Our Youth does not form 100% of our population but they surely form 100% of the future, Mr Shiv Khera, Educator, Business Consultant & Author


Addressing a gathering of parents of young bright minds at the launch of the book titled ‘And the kind young dragon dreamt’ , Mr Shiv Khera, educator, business consultant & author of over 9 million books sold, urged all parents to ensure good parenting with great values and integrity, while mentioning that our Youth does not form 100% of our population but they surely form 100% of the future, at the PHD House, New Delhi

Deliberating on the skills of good parenting, Mr Khera said that the parents of today are only teaching their kids to win and succeed, not making them aware of the fact that life is a roller coaster and we need to accept both ups and downs. There is not always win – win , but also failure which needs to be accepted and we should learn from our failure, added Mr Khera, giving an example that world’s most successful leaders have faced many failures at some point in time.

It is important that we preach and teach our kids to accept responsibility and stop playing blame games. We should always strive to reach the highest level of value & integrity, to ensure we have the best humans and leaders in the making.

Mr Shiv Khera, launched the book titled – ‘..and the kind dragon dreamt’ and congratulated each young dragon who has scripted their imagination in the form of short stories.

Mr Sumit Sehgal, Founder Young Dragon English Club, said that it was such a wonderful experience reading the stories written by these young dragons and a fulfilling journey in motivating each of them to pen down their thoughts. It is just a beginning for these bright children, our future leaders on the path to become global citizens.

Master Advait Bhardwaj, Brand Ambassador, Young Dragon English Club & student of Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, thanked the chief guest Mr Shiv Khera was inspiring three generation in his family, including his grandfather, mother and now him, with his valuable insights on imparting management lessons. He was also indebted to his grandmother for being his true inspiration.

Advait, also shared his experience on his journey of scripting the story titled ‘the Knight Warrior ‘ and appealed to people of all ages to buy a copy of the book from amazon and have a sneak peek into their world of imagination.

The book launch was supported by Paramount Cables and the event witnessed a participation of more than 200 avid readers.