Outreach Event by IIT Roorkee for Industries to provide Technology-Based Solutions under its TechSarthiInitiative

Roorkee : Celebrating175 years of imparting technical education and research for the development of the society, the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITRoorkee)organized an Outreach Event for Industries in the Bhagwanpur Industrial Estate under its TechSarthi Initiative. Members from Bhagwanpur Industries Association, IIT Roorkee and HDFC Bank had gathered together on July 2, 2022 at Pulastya Resort, Bhagwanpur, Roorkee to conduct an outreach event for TechSarthi. This outreach event involved deliberations by IIT Roorkee faculty and Industry members on the industrial requirements to adopt technically sound solutions, gear up industrial growth, realize the objectives of going “Local to Global”, and generate better employment opportunities.

During the event, Professors from IIT Roorkee delivered talks on the latest advancements in engineering and technology and explained to industries how to adopt them. These professors also assessed the current state of technology in the industry and proposed practical solutions to the problems raised by various industrial units to boost their overall efficiency. Prof. Shushil Kumar, while highlighting the details of the TechSarthi initiative,informed that under this initiative, the team of experts from IIT Roorkee would visit them to provide information on existing know-how and development of future technologies. Besides, IIT Roorkee will intervene in capacity building, up-gradation of shop floor technologies, and software development and apps for the local industry that will cater to supply chain solutions, user experience, interface design, remote monitoring and control, web interface and dashboards. This was followed by a presentation from Prof. Amit Choudhary on the world-class research facilities with the IIT-Roorkee and available to industries through the I-STEM portal. Prof. P.K Jha & Prof. DebrupaLahiriexplained the latest trends in materials and manufacturing. Both Professors also briefed the industry on the active projects that have been undertaken for product/process development under TechSarthi.

Mr. Varun Deep, Circle Head Mr. Nitin Khandpuri, Cluster Head and Mr. Rohit Sharma from HDFC Bank welcomed the TechSarthi initiative. They provided details on various financial entitiesfor product/process development in the industry.

Mr. Rajesh Rawat, Chairman Bhagwanpur Industries Association, GM Exide Industries, highlighted“Our industries have to adopt the latest technologies or improvise the existing ones to compete globally. The TechSarthi initiative of IIT Roorkee will help industries to achieve sustainable growth. Using the latest technologies, we will also spot opportunities for new products, services, and markets.”


Talking about the event, Prof. Ajit K Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee, highlighted the objective of the initiative and said, “Industry and academia often appreciate the need to work together. The TechSarthi initiative will seek to identify IIT Roorkee’s research capabilities which align with the industry requirements. It will provide opportunities for the two stakeholders to interact, thereby providing avenues to the industry for modernising and enhancing the impact of their business.”.”

The ambitious TechSarthi initiative of IIT Roorkee was launched by Hon’ble CM, Uttarakhand, Shri Pushkar Singh Dhamion April 8, 2022. The objective of TechSarti is to provide technology-based solutions to all industries within a 175 km radius of IIT Roorkee. Industries desirous of assistance under the initiative may contact IIT Roorkee through email at 175years.techsarthi@iitr.ac.in.

The event was attended by Mr. Ramesh Komakulwarkar, Vice Chairman, Mr. Gautam Kapoor, General Secretary, Mr. Shivam Goyal, Secretary Bhagwanpur Industries Association, and representatives from different industries. The TechSarthi team from IIT Roorkee included Prof. Meenakshi Rawat, Prof. Prabhat Mandal, Prof. IndranilLahiri, Prof. Varun Sharma, Prof. Gaurav Sharma,Mr. Vishal Tiwari, and students from different engineering disciplines.

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