Over 1100 creators signed up on Bolo Meets within 10 days of its launch : Bolo Indya

New Delhi: Soon after Bolo Indya launched Bolo Meets, Industry’s first engagement led peer to peer commerce services on the platform, over 1100 creators have already signed up to join Bolo Meets in the first 10 days of its launch to take more than 12,000 personalized video sessions on Bolo Indya platform. Top categories where creators are getting interested to engage with their follower base include Astrology, Music Learning, Comedy shows, Mental wellness, Personal Finance, and Language Learning became the top bets by creators. A majority of creators are coming from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali to deliver Bolo Meets.

Bolo Meets- Peer2Peer Service capability was launched by Bolo Indya for its wider audience base on 28th Oct to empower its creators to market their specialized skills on the platform.

Bolo Meets is already gaining popularity amongst the creators with an increased engagement rate of over 89%. Its top creator partners are already earning in the range of INR 50,000-60,000 per month using P2P services available on the platform.

22 years old Ishban Yadav, one of the younger creators on Bolo Indya with over 5.5 lakh followers who are taking video sessions via Bolo Meets in the personal finance category marks it as an industry revolutionary proposition with 3X growth in his income prospect since the Bolo Meets launch.

Another popular creator from Nainital, Prakash Deopa who has been on the platform for more than a year sees this as a unique reason to be highly engaged on Bolo Indya. His sessions from Product reviews to Earning online to Tech talks are going viral and he believes that for the first time ever he has been able to monetize the close to 5 lakh follower base that he has. This is making him ask his telegram and youtube subscriber base to follow him on Bolo Indya.

As part of the Bolo Meets proposition, creators on the Bolo Indya platform now have an added feature to activate their specialized skills-based content services channel to market their offerings. Sessions can be facilitated either through one to one private video chat room, or a group video session with a maximum of 10 people in one session. Creators decide the type and pricing of these sessions while the users can do micropayments, book the convenient day and time to avail these sessions online on Bolo Indya platform.


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