Oxford Bookstore organised a guidedmeditation session with author, practitioner, trainer Joshua Pollock on itsFacebook Live

New Delhi: Oxford Bookstore organised a guided meditation session with author, practitioner, trainer Joshua Pollock on its Facebook Live. The session was beautifully lead where the speaker, bestselling author and Heartfulness practitioner Joshua Pollock shared simple and practical meditation technique that people can use in the comfort of their own homes to beat stress and anxiety and build resilience during these challenging times.

Since the lockdown the entire nation has come to a standstill with people being confined to the four walls of their homes like never before. Amidst all the silence and uncertainty, there is also a lot of fear and anxiety because of the pandemic COVID -19 and its outspread. Joshua in his session speaks about how its critical to look inside and introspect within, to remain calm and sync the body and mind with the outside. This is also a silent transformation process to prepare our mind for the future and to adapt in the most positive way to embrace life with positivity and Heartfulness.

Oxford Bookstore was one of the first few brands in literature to have initiated a series of brand communication around books and authors to help customers stay connected while fighting #Covid19. At Oxford Bookstores we have always been very optimistic and we continue to celebrate the written word via the virtual space, through our social media and technology driven endeavours spreading amity and positivity. The meditation session with Joshua Pollock to help patrons find strength of the mind in the coping with Covid-19 through Heartfulness.

Joshua Pollock is co-author of the bestselling book, The Heartfulness Way. A passionate proponent of meditation, he has lectured and conducted programs at companies and institutions including Amazon, Google, Expedia, Oracle, Infosys, Microsoft, the World Bank, United Nations headquarters, the New York Times, and Columbia University, and has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS television in the USA. An accomplished classical violinist, Joshua has performed internationally as a soloist and chamber musician, and collaborated with celebrated Indian film composer A.R. Rahman on numerous film scores including Ghajini and Delhi-6. He is a familiar face on literary panels and festivals across India.