Oxford International Education Services and AngelXpress Foundation join hands to support underprivileged children in Mumbai

Mumbai:   Kids supported by  AngelXpress Foundation, an NGO that empowers students from low-income families through education, skilling and overall development, couldn’t have asked for a better way of celebrating Holi – the festival of colours as Oxford International Education Services (OIES), a leading education services provider supporting universities worldwide to strengthen and scale up international student acquisitions, teamed up with the NGO to celebrate the festival at four centres in Mumbai. This was the first initiative as OIES has firmed up plans to organize comparable events for the underprivileged in the coming months, aligning with the national objective of bringing about a more equitable society.

This collaboration not only reflects the core values of the Oxford International Education Group that drive its business but also seeks to promote equality and inclusion through such initiatives. During this activity held at four of its centres in Bandstand, Dadar, Powai and Vile Parle, OIES team members offered art and crafts items to the students who formed groups and expressed their creativity on paper either through drawing, colouring, writing or any other form of expression. The objective was to celebrate the diverse and unique creativity of each group. In all, there were 33 OIES volunteers who planned and executed the whole initiative meticulously.

Pleased at the launch of the initiative, Mr. Mohit Gambir, Managing Director, of Oxford International Education Services, said, “As our growth continues, we recognize that expansion is not just about upholding our core values internally but also about integrating them into every facet of our existence. Our mission extends beyond supporting the students within our institution to embracing every child with educational aspirations. In India, a nation of dreamers, it’s vital to remember to dream big, but achieving those dreams relies on persistent effort. So, continue dreaming, as dreams propel us forward in life. We are thrilled by the success of this initiative, as there’s nothing more fulfilling than positively impacting those in need around us. Our commitment to giving back to the communities where we operate is steadfast, and we eagerly anticipate expanding this effort by organizing similar activities on a broader scale in the future.”