Oxford University Press diversifies the Oxford India Short Introduction Series

New Delhi: Oxford University Press, the world’s largest university press, today announces the new addition and diversification of the titles under the Oxford India Short Introduction series (OISI) – a series that aims to offer concise, assessable and stimulating introductions to a different aspects of India on selected themes and issues from Indian society, economy, culture, politics and contemporary history.

The books are developed in line with the requirements and preferences of a wide spectrum of general audience seeking a reader-friendly, affordable, qualitatively superior, and exciting entry point to, and overview of, a topic of abiding interest about India. OISIs are written by experts who combine their understanding of the subject with facts and analyses to present topics in an accessible manner without compromising on quality. Informative and attractively priced and designed, these books would prove to be invaluable additions to any bookshelf.

The books currently available in genres are The Indian Constitution by Madhav Khosla, Indian Foreign Policy by Sumit Ganguly, Kashmir by Chitralekha Zutshi, Jawaharlal Nehru by Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Indian democracy by Suhas Palshikar, Bollywood by M K Raghavendra etc. The books we will be adding to the basket in coming years are Artificial Intelligence by Rajesh Chakrabarty and Kaushiki Sanyal, The State and Social Welfare by Akshay Mangla, Religion in India by Varuni Bhatia, India in the Indian Ocean Maritime History by Ranabir Chakrabarti among others.

The series provides a clear and succinct account of the evolution of a particular title, mentioning factors that have helped shaped the economy and its relevance today. The books are suitable for Institutional libraries, students and researchers, policymakers, think tanks, journalists etc. Informative and attractively priced and designed, these books would prove to be valuable additions to everyone’s bookshelf.

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