Oxford University Press India at the forefront of introducing digital learning initiatives for teachers in the new normal World

New Delhi: Amidst this unprecedented period, Covid-19 has created a dynamic shift in into the digital world with closure of schools and colleges for an elongated period. Being at the forefront, Oxford University Press India introduced initiative for teachers to support their smooth transitioning into the new normal world through educational webinars regularly. A total number of 64,531 teachers have been addressed through 393 workshops conducted, starting from the lockdown period in April 2020 to till now.

The webinars were divided into two categories based on Pedagogy and Product Orientation for a holistic approach. Pedagogy based webinars focused on the key aspects such as emotional intelligence for teachers, flipped classrooms to improve learning, holistic activity-based learning, effective emergency remote teaching, science/EVS skill-building at home, teaching speaking in the virtual classroom, familiarization with National Education Policy and its implementation in the classroom and similar.

In these challenging times when schools have been closed, OUP provided support to teachers by conducting these training webinars to keep teachers up to date with today’s best educational practices that empower them to reinvent themselves so that they in turn help students to love and enjoy the new learning process. Further, teachers were acquainted with the features-benefits of each course, as well as the resources available with it. It aided them to learn how to use the Coursebook, its various features, and the digital components that accompany them. These sessions provided them insights into how to use these digital resources both offline and online in the current situation.

Further, OUP also conducted ELT Week webinar series and a special campaign to give access to complimentary module on the Online Teacher Training platform for teachers who have attended the OUP India webinar as a part of their special initiative. OUP India has made concerted efforts to develop assessment solutions that seamlessly integrate students, teachers and parents.



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