Oxford University Press India organizes a webinar to provide insights on the importance and use of an atlas to ace the Civil Services and other competitive exams’

New Delhi: Oxford University Press, India (OUPI), a department of the prestigious University of Oxford, organized a webinar on the topic, ‘Get insights on how an atlas can help in preparing for Civil Services and other competitive exams,’ on January 27, 2022.The webinar discussed how an atlas can help students prepare for Civil Services and other competitive exams, as well as how it can enrich and improve a student’s grasp of Geography, History, International Relations and Current Events from an examination perspective. Vinata Lal Sinha and Praveen Sinha, product managers for Oxford Student Atlas for India, conducted the webinar.

During the webinar, they highlighted how learning from materials such as an atlas, maps, tables, and diagrams is a critical component of the preparation for Civil Services or any other competitive exams. An atlas plays a vital role in enhancing a student’s performance, ensuring better and improved grades across all competitive exams. Map study continues to be crucial to ace the UPSC examinations. Every year, these tests include a few map-related topics as well as questions from World Geography. The webinar emphasized the use of maps and data to answer questions based on Geography, History of India, World History, International Relations, and even Current Affairs in the Civil Services exams.

The experienced speakers underlined the fact that an atlas helps students master map work and supplements their learning in many ways. The students are able to learn about the locations of physical features and source information on significant topical themes. They are able to compare and analyse various socio-economic factors.  Maps are particularly important while studying International Relations. It is critical to stay informed about current international events and developments, as well as understand their impact on India and India’s relations with other countries.

The speakers added that while it is impossible to memorize everything shown in maps, however, once the students gain a strategic understanding of the types of questions asked in UPSC exams, the atlas helps them develop a better understanding of the context and sharpen their responses during the examination. To further improve their performance, self-assessment is extremely important. Thus, aspirants should practise solving previous years’ question papers after completing each module.

There are numerous advantages of using the Oxford Student Atlas for India. OUP believes in trust, authenticity, and reliability, and its award-winning atlas includes maps and data that are not only authentic but also up-to-date, and which is why it is a product that students and others can rely on.

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