New Delhi: Oxford University Press, India (OUPI), the world’s largest university press, on Wednesday, October 27th 2021, organised a webinar on Machine Learning (ML) in association with Dr S. Sridhar and Dr M. Vijayalakshmi, bestselling authors of ‘Machine Learning’ published by Oxford University Press. Attended by several participants, through YouTube the webinar addressed the basics of ML, its popularity, and the future prospects for students. Dr Sridhar is a Professor and Dr M. Vijayalakshmi an Associate Professor, at the Department of Information Science and Technology, College of Engineering Guindy Campus, Anna University, Chennai. They began the discussion by sharing the relevance and importance of machine learning, while addressing questions related to why it’s required, the reason behind its popularity, and the closely related branches of ML. They further discussed the complete ML process along with the services and products, as well as spoke about the different types of machine learning. The professors also drew comparisons and cleared the difference between traditional programming and machine learning, as well as shared insights on the connection between artificial intelligence and machine learning. Topics such as Regression, Support Vector Machines, and Artificial Neural Networks explained in their book were also discussed. Real-life examples were shared in the form of case studies for students to better understand the practicality of the subject.

The esteemed speakers also shed light on job opportunities available in the field of machine learning as well as shared some interesting statistics regarding the global machine learning market. The session concluded with an engaging Q&A session. The webinar session can be watched on OUP India’s Facebook and Youtube pages