Panasonic India Introduces New Line of Energy Storage Solutions

New Delhi: Global innovation and technology leader, Panasonic India today introduced its new line of energy storage solutions for the Indian market at ELECRAMA 2018.

Revamping its energy storage solutions within the Telecom Tower segment, the company introduced its state of the art Compact Business Power Solution, the CBPS 8000. This single cabinet solution essentially houses all the imperative functional tools in a single box which manages power requirements at the site comprehensively. Its plug and play system addresses challenges faced by more than half a million telecom towers located across geographies, and the compact size makes it easy to install and maintain. The products remote configuration and diagnostic feature enables trouble free and cost effective O&M experience, which helps identify faults remotely with quick resolution and minimum downtime.

The demand for lithium-ion battery-based systems comes mainly from the push by Indian telecom service operators, for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to power telecom towers and other services in the country. With a market share of 35% in the category, currently almost 40,000 telecom towers run on Panasonic Batteries.

Further elaborating on Panasonic India’s Telecom led energy storage business, Mr Atul Arya, Head Energy Systems Panasonic India said, “With the increase in data consumption and various government led initiatives such as Digital India and Smart cities, we are experiencing an exponential growth in the nation’s telecom segment. This has led to an increase in telecom towers and sustainable renewable back up options powered by batteries. Our newest solution based offering for the industry, the CBPS 8000 is an easy to install and maintain product which allows consumers to manage power needs at the site efficiently.”

Besides introducing new storage solutions for its existing business line-up, Panasonic India is further looking to offer energy storage solutions for industries such Data Centres, Commercial & Industrial Sector and Rural Microgrids:

Commercial & Industrial Application

Under this, the company is looking to offer Li-Ion based Energy Storage Solution which can be used as standalone Power Backup solution or as a Hybrid Solution alongside solar, replacing conventional energy generation and storage setups. The offering essentially aims at making business profitable by reducing costs and eliminating diesel based operational expenses, whilst providing an environment friendly, compact power backup solution with a long operational life.

Data Centres

Data centres are mission critical information based applications that require a continuous power supply at all times. Panasonic’s cutting edge technology and modular unit designs formulated especially for the needs of a data centre, boost power efficiency and eliminate the need of backup battery rooms. This process allows the optimization of expensive real estate for the expansion of server racks.

Rural Microgrids

Distributed generation is the quickest and most economical method for providing electricity to rural India. However, the major challenges involved for the establishment of a micro grid segment in the country have been reliability of storage and operation & management of multiple installations. To assist with this challenge we have introduced a solution called ‘Off Grid’ 2.0, an offering which is ready for grid connectivity and when the need arises, add on tools for management of multi-location, grid connected distributed generation systems can be provided on demand.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Atul Arya, Head Energy Systems Panasonic India said, “Our grid energy consumption demand and pattern has been continuously evolving and growing over the years. To keep pace with these growth patterns, the grid has to use new technologies like energy storage to improve its maturity level. It is understood that variations in wind and solar energy and the lack of adequate electricity storage facilities, result in about 15-20% of all renewable energy in India going to waste. Energy storage based solution applications can help transform the current power infrastructure of the nation, by ensuring a clean reliable grid. Further they can help enterprises achieve their electrification needs, power their sustainable goals and save on recurring costs and investments. By introducing these solutions, we are looking at transforming the nation’s energy storage landscape by providing solutions which will help offer grid stability and improved ancillary services for businesses across.”