Parentof in association with ASSOCHAM presented ‘Parentof Innovation Awards’

Bangalore, August 27th 2017: Parentof in association with ASSOCHAM presented ‘Parentof Innovation Awards’, a platform that recognized extraordinary commitment by schools towards 360-degree student growth and development. Schools across Karnataka participated in Parentof Innovation Awards by submitting the nomination. The winning schools were felicated by His Excellency Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala.
Over 150 schools from different zones of Bangalore and boards as well as 15000 parents submitted their nominations for the Awards. The schools were judged on five categories that included innovations in parent engagement, student health & safety, co-curricular development, information &communication technology, and innovation in inculcating value education.
The need to document and publish the best practices in education is the need of the hour and this was the core objective of the initiative. This formed the initial inspiration for these Awards. A unique model for conducting the study was innovated, called the PAIR SCALE Model of evaluation. PAIR Scale stands for the Parentof Innovation Research and Rating Scale.
It is a 3-Dimensional Approach to studying and recognizing the best practices.
On Field Research Interviews
A team of Experienced Academicians and Researchers under the aegis of Parentof and ASSOCHAM led the On Field-Research with the Principals and Management of Schools to unlock the innovations through a structured approach.
Parent Outcomes Mapping
Parents were asked to share their observations online on the innovative practices in the schools resulting in the parental experience and their feedback of the activities implemented by the school
Evidence based Jury Criterion
An Eminent Panel of Jury was formed to subjectively examine the research and constitute the best practices. The co-relation between School Practices and Parental Expectations were understood through this process.
As a result of this in-depth study, innumerable data and pieces of evidence were gathered on the recent pedagogies, programs and initiatives that schools have adopted. This comprehensive research resulted in Infographics, Case Studies, Stories and Interviews, which will be published in the Parentof Innovation Review 2017.
Winning schools and those who have embraced innovative practices that focus on the all-round development of children will be covered exclusively in a publication – The Parentof InnovationReview 2017. The outcome of this study will also provide insights for state and national level govt. policy making.

Karnataka Swaroop Madhavan, Founder of said “We all dream of this country as something different from what it is today. If the ‘India of Tomorrow’ is dependent on ‘children of today’ then the Education System has to Innovate. Innovate to lead and nurture the way the next generation is chiseled”Umashree, Minister for Women and Child Development, Govt. of Karnataka said “I am happy to learn that a much-needed comprehensive study has been conducted by a group of researchers andinstitutions on the best practices implemented at various primary and secondary school. The study had drawn attention to the transformation of the Education sector in terms of content, pedagosies and technologies that have evolved to complement schools to ensure that every child realizes his/her potential.”
Tanveer Sait, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Govt. of Karnataka said “It is a
great attempt by this institution which has helped educators and teachers in adopting the practices that bring fruitful results and solutions to the academic problems. This study will go a long way inunderstanding and designing the future activities of the students, while they are completing the current one. ”