“Parents and teachers, both responsible for effective education system”, says Pavan Kaushik at Gurukshetra


Udaipiur : The reputation of a school is directly associated with its students, their parents and the faculty. If all the three keep blaming each other, then it will spoil the education system instead of working towards the welfare of the student. Ideally, the three should collectively work together to identify the strong areas of the student and create a roadmap for achieving the same.

Pavan Kaushik, Vice President and Head-Corporate Communication of Hindustan Zinc addressed more than 50 teachers of Maharana Mewar Public School Udaipiur, the school of royal family of Udaipur. The session, as part of the initiative – Gurukshetra, Learning Beyond the Territory, was attended by the faculty of classes 6th to 12th of all subjects.

In the second chapter of Gurukshetra, Pavan Kaushik focussed on how a school and its students can benefit tremendously if there is a strong connect between the students, teachers and the students’ parents. Speaking about the relationship between the Guru (Teacher) and his Shishya (Student), he said, “The connect between the teachers and their students is of utmost importance. How many teachers miss their students who have passed out of the school and how many students miss their teachers. With time, that emotional relationship is also diminishing. The connect of a student and teacher should not be based on a fear factor, rather the teachers should act as a guide to the students. Each student is different and special. Do not focus on just pass and fail, instead concentrate on identifying the leaders and strengthening the weak students at the same time.”

Pavan Kaushik also spoke about the importance of setting both long term and short terms visions for the school. He said, “With paucity of time and our busy schedules we might feel the pressure to stick only to our job descriptions. But the objective in our minds should not be to just finish the syllabus, instead we should think about giving rise to a new crop of well-rounded students and build brands out of those students.

In this regard, Pavan Kaushik recommended that the schools can constitute a Parents Advisory Board which will make the parents more involved in the students’ education and also draw out a vision for the school. Along with establishing a Board, various professionally qualified parents can conduct orientation exercises wherein the students can be exposed to different fields.

“If a corporate structure can be put in place in the schools, it will help devise various verticals of different subjects and with focussed teaching, the scoring of each of the verticals can be improved. This would ultimately help in a comprehensive marked improvement in all the subjects taught in the school and would also create a healthy evaluation criterion between schools. With coordination and cooperation, the students, their parents and teachers are a triangle of success.”, said Pavan Kaushik.

The session was appreciated and highly lauded by the faculty of the school who expressed their wish to have more of such sessions in the future not just for teachers but also for the students and their parents.