Parul University announces the launch of a new world-class center for Design, Fine Arts and Performing Arts

Vadodara : Parul University announces the launch of the center for Design, Fine Arts and Performing Arts to light up the flame of creativity for aspiring artists. The 5-floor building of the center was inaugurated by the actress Dia Mirza who expressed her opinion on the vital role of art and creativity in shaping cultures and transforming societies.


To provide the students with the best practical exposure to the field, the building has been equipped with numerous labs, which include the abstract lab for design fundamentals and creative spaces such as hues, graffiti and mural paintings.


“This world-class aesthetically designed facility is a perfect blend of architecture and nature to provide an ecosystem for creative inspiration. The first steps in the journey of every design aspirant at the Institute of design begin with these spaces, as they lay the foundation for exploring their artistic expressions. This center is expected to provide the University’s budding artists with the state-of-the-art resources and facilities to further their knowledge and skill sets across multiple creative fields,” said Dr Prabhas, the University’s Director of Design and Fine Arts.


The design students also get to exercise their creative acumen through hands-on facilities such as clay, wood and metal workshops. While, for those passionate about fashion, the facility features workshops such as “Brunnai”, a designated space for weaving fully equipped with looms. For adding color and brightening fabrics, “Chhaap” is another practical space for garment printing. In addition, facilities such as “Avran” for garment attaching and Sanchana, a sewing space, are fully equipped with over 40 singer sewing machines.


Parul University’s design building has also been equipped with facilities and spaces for product design innovators to blend creativity with technology. A temperature-controlled machine lab has also been established to further this goal, equipped with 3D printers and CNC machines, among other leading innovative design technologies.


As a way of facilitating the best learning experience in the digital and electronic design fields such as Film and TV, Animation and VFX, amongst others, this newly developed center features a sound recording and audio editing studio, music studio, film streaming rooms, animation and VFX studios and hi-tech film studios.


To complement the design learning experience, the institute also features enriching libraries and resource centers, ensuring that students get to learn both the theoretical and practical design elements.


With a capacity of 80 plus students, the Institute of Design features computer laboratories where students can turn their creative imaginations into a reality. Pursuing the height of creative innovation and expression continues to be one of the primary endeavors of the University. Through its Design, Fine Arts and Performing Institutes, it has managed to make such global milestones possible.