Patent for invention “Gyratory PiezoGen – A Piezoelectric Transducer for Harvesting Energy through Rotational Motion”


Aligarh : Prof Ameer Azam, Chairman, Department of Applied Physics, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU and Mr Faraz Ahmad, Dy. Manager, NHDC Ltd., Indira Sagar Power Station, (MP) , jointly granted a patent by the Patent Office, Government of India for their invention entitled “Gyratory PiezoGen – A Piezoelectric Transducer for Harvesting Energy through Rotational Motion”. This device is an unconventional electrical generator that harvests energy from the periodic application of force on certain materials. This method of electricity generation is extremely simple and cost-effective.

Special categories of materials called piezoelectric materials develop electrical voltage when their physical structure is subjected to temporary deformation by application of force, like pressing and stretching.

It is notable that all the existing devices convert only linear (translation) motions to electricity but the present invention allows conversion from rotational motion. The Gyratory PiezoGen consists of a shaft that can be coupled to any rotating energy source (hydro/ steam/ wind turbine). The rotating shaft has an elliptical cross-section which will exert a radially outward force and deform a constrained piezoelectric material to generate electricity.

Since this technology does not use magnets and copper coils, the total mass of the entire setup is comparatively less. The Gyratory PiezoGen can be manufactured with an extremely compact form factor and can also be incorporated into a monolithic design. Further, as there is no magnetism involved, the invention can be used in place of conventional generators to reduce electromagnetic interferences.

Apart from power generation, the Gyratory PiezoGen finds its use in the field of instrumentation. A significant advantage of Gyratory PiezoGen over other forms of speed sensors is its immunity to EMI. As the said invention does not involve a complex assembly, the sensors can be manufactured in smaller footprints.


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