PDM University Installs 1.1 MW Rooftop Solar Powered System to Light up its Campus

Delhi: India’s premier education institution, PDM University is going to be powered by solar energy, courtesy of a 1100 kW rooftop solar project. With this project the university has become one of the front runners in utilizing renewable energy in the state of Haryana as well as the National Capital Region. The university has installed more than 3400 Solar Panel on the rooftop of its 13 buildings across the campus.

The system will supply around 70% of the peak energy demand on campus during the day, enough to power more than 700 households. All the energy needs of hi-tech class rooms, laboratories, hostels, mess, gymnasium, offices & administrative buildings of the university will be taken care by this Solar Plant. The solar panel systems will be linked to a centralized electrical sub-station situated inside the campus for collective solar coverage.

The Chief Executive Officer of PDM University, Mr. Chitresh Lather, said, “Educational institutions play a vital role in the socio-economic transformation of the country, hence in support of this social cause and in line with the government’s green initiative, the university authorities decided to take up this project last year. This project would result in significant reduction in the university’s carbon footprints which is about the same as taking 300 cars off the road each year.”

“At PDM, we have always believed in setting a good example for the rest of the country be it in the teaching and learning, use of technology, fostering innovation or use of sustainable and renewable energy as in this case. The university needs a significant amount of energy to power its state-of-the-art modern infrastructure through its campus which is spread over 95 acres. This project would not only help us in efficiently manage our power needs but also help us save up to 35-40 percent in our electricity costs.” Mr. Lather also thanked Jacksons India for successfully delivering this project and also appreciated the efforts of the university manpower involved in this large-scale project. The university is further planning to increase the capacity of this project in near future.

Underling the vast impact of the project, Dr. Rajesh Sood, Director (IAH) of the university said, “Learning about renewable energy early and being exposed to solar panels on top of schools and colleges will have an incredibly positive effect on students who are future consumers. Having grown up with solar and versed in its benefits, they are more likely to choose solar as their energy source when the time comes. Also, their ability to influence their parents to go solar to protect the environment should not be underestimated.”