Peace mediators trained to curb inter-communal violence in the Northwest Region of Cameroon

From the 14th to the 28th of August 2020, the Mbororos and non-Mbororos in the Northwest Region of Cameroon were brought together by the Association for the Welfare of Women and Indigenous People (ASOWWIP) to discuss how to end inter-communal violence that has been causing deaths and contributing in weakening the social fabric in this part of Cameroon.

UNESCO through the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund provided the technical and financial support to (ASOWWIP) to undertake the two-week training workshops which had as objective to train peace mediators and strengthen community dialogue to promote social cohesion.

Over 100 participants from the councils of Santa and Sabga took part in the training workshops which focused on building appropriate mediation strategies through a participatory and inclusive learning process.The activity was lauded by the participants, including representatives of local and traditional authorities who termed it as very timely, bold and constructive considering the prevailing crisis in the targeted communities. They expressed profound satisfaction regarding this initiative which contributes to peacebuilding via an effective grassroots approach.

At the end of the training, a community-based network was formed in both communities to enable mediation processes and to channel challenges encountered in the field.

It is worth noting that this initiative was undertaken within the Peace-Building Fund Project entitled: “Support for the participation of women and youth in peace-building initiatives, strengthening mechanisms for social cohesion and living together in Cameroon”; jointly implemented by UN Women, UNICEF and UNESCO as lead agency.


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